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A little more shameless promotion. On our website beside the educational video clips of past Pyrate Invasions and other Civic Enrichments we provide, we got stuff to sell! will bring you to the website of the "Meka"II. Under the heading "Swag" you'll find "Meka"II T-shirts, ball caps, etched glass mugs and Christmas Ornaments (for those of you who haven't taken your trees down, it's not too late!) we have bumper stickers, "I support me local Pirate" "The Floggings will Continue.....". We have the DVD of the actual building of the "Meka"II in Capt. Sinbad's yard in Detroit over 40 years ago! We offer Services such as Marriges and Funerels at sea.

A visit to the site is an adventure in itself and while you're there, why not bring home a momento!

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