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Aye, an Mark ye well!

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If it's real Pirate Treasue, weapons and relics of daily living supplies ye be wantin' ta see, then the North Carolina Maritime Museum has the "Goods"! The Repository of all objects recovered from the wreck just outside the Beaufort/Morehead Inlet are being brought to the Museum to be preserved, identified and cataloged. At this point nothing retrieved has had the name "Queen Anne's Revenge" or Blackbeard attached to it so the salvors are continuing to concider this wreck to be "assumed" in identity. However, it's in the "right" place and frrom the "right" time.

The museum has a very interesting exhibit with artifacts, art and models as well as the repository at the museum annex. They are also around the corner from the main site of the Beaufort Pyrate Invasion that's held the beginning of August. Commemorating a Pirate Invasion of the Town in 1726. Ya'll come down now, y'hear!

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