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check me music vd i made for me original acoustic song

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There once was a Pirate captain named Paolo. He was well feared in many parts of the world, especially Caldonia, (modern day scotland) where he was widely known for his brutality. He was also known for his fear of drowning. Captain Paolo could not swim. When his ship, which he boldy named after himself, the HMS PAOLO, was hit by a storm, it appeared that the vessel would sink. Faced with the prospect of drowning, Paolo decided to take his own life. However, the storm cleared, just as he pulled the trigger. Without their captain, the crew was forever lost at sea. Reports were made of seeing the captainless ship still wandering the seas, even hundreds of years later. However, history has somehow forgotten this once feared famous pirate.

I wrote a song to bring this man back to the seat of fame where he belongs. I made a music video too...

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