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Welcome aboard, Mister Siemens! Since you are closer to me than almost anyone else that I could name, please consider joining us for the Utah Pirate Festival in September as well (8 hours driving from Denver). We already have three members flying in for the event, with a few others considering the journey. Always glad to have another shipwright aboard. We'll be out your way at Rocky Mountain National Park in July.

Please see yourself over to the Muster. http://pyracy.com/index.php?/topic/16119-muster-of-the-mercury/page-1

You'll find a great many people there and we pride ourselves to have a number of good able seamen, cooks, carpenters, and a fiddler.

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Thank you all for the welcome. I would love to come to any one of the get together's mentioned. It is likely that maybe able to make it out to the Utah Pirate Festival as I grew up in Salt Lake and have family there. We'll see what comes about.

I would love to see the drawing of the Mercury if it's available. Upon joining this crew I thought it would be fun to bottle the ship.

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