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Black Syren

Oatmeal Pudding

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First Way

To make an Oatmeal-pudding.

Take a pint of Milk, and put to it a pint of large, or midling Oatmeal, let it stand on the Fire till it be scalding hot, then let it stand by, and soak about half an hour, then pick a few sweet Herbs, and shred them, and put in half a pound of Currans, and half a pound of Suet, and about two spoonfuls of Sugar, and three or four Eggs; these put into a bag, and boyled, do make a very good Pudding.

Second way

To make an Oatmeal Pudding.

Steep Oatmeal in warm Milk three of four hours, then strain some blood into it of fish or flesh, mix it with Cream, and add to it suet minced small, sweet herbs chopped fine, as Tyme, Parslee, Spinnage, Succory, Endive, Strawberry-leaves, Violet-leaves, Pepper, Cloves, Mace, fat Beef suet, and four Eggs, mingle all together, and so bake it.

Third way

To make an Oatmeal Pudding boyled.

Take the biggest Oatmeal, mince what herbs you like best and mix with it, season it with Pepper and Salt; tye it strait in a bag; and when it is boyled, butter it and send it up.

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