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William Brand

Cavete a Canibus

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In the interest of housekeeping, I'm beginning this new thread. The only other topic title within this subforum is fraught with misinformation about the project, so anyone wishing to know more about the Watch Dog and the Lucy, can visit our website for information and updates.

The Watch Dog and Lucy

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Hurricane did a fine and funny rendition of the Night Before Christmas, so I was inspired to do one for us...

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the frigate,

Not a creature was stirring, but for Gage at a gigot.

The swivels were fixed at the taft rail with care

In hopes that some action would bring them to bear.

The yonkers were snuggled all safe in their bunks,

With visions of prize money locked 'way in trunks.

And Claude at the helm, with Treasure aloft,

Kept they the night vigil while the bell sounded oft.

Then up in the rigging there arose such a clatter.

As Ciaran cried; "Sail ho! Two points Starboard! We have her!"

Brand rushed to the railing and there caused a flash

off the lens of the spyglass he pulled from his sash.

The moon on the crest of a breaker or two

Gave the lustre of mid-watch a sail sighted true.

When, what to their wondering eyes should appear,

But a merchantmen bearing away out of fear.

With the press of the canvas and the wind at their back

Brand knew in a moment they'd o'erwelm their tack.

More rabid then hellhounds their course well provided.

Brand whistled to see then the spoils soon divided.

"Cry Havoc, Load George, Straight Shot and His Grace!

Run out the great twelve and prepare all the eights!

To the top of the Mainsail, to the top of the Fore!

Now every last man be prepared to make war!"

As ships before the wild hurricane fly

Closed they with their quarry and prepared to shanghai.

Marines of the Larboard and Starboard were sent,

To the maintop and foretop with muskets they went.

And then with an inkling they turned to the Captain

Their faces all fired 'gainst the soon to be action.

Brand drew in a breath and he nodded to Jim,

"Every man to his duty and keep the sails trim."

Then Brand took up pistols, his baldric and sword,

While Jim called for Badger and Badger the horde.

"Run out the great gunns and bring them to bear!

Mind match and the powder! You there, have a care!"

The orders, they bellowed! Instructions, they hollered!

Each man knew his place, firmly fixed as a bollard.

They ran out the guns at the Master's instruction

Leviathan, Charity and Iron Destruction.

The stump of a pipe was held tight in Pete's teeth

And he drew out his pistol and sword from its sheath.

"Come Roberts, Come Tudor, let's be now about it!

A coin t' the man who unmasts that there lout, Brit'!"

They closed with their prey. They shouted. They cursed.

They sent fear before them and promised their worst.

And though they were smaller, the 'Dog half their size.

The Merchantmen's confidence failed in surprise.

For as the 'Dog closed, every crew member poised

To raise a great din and a terrible noise.

They screamed and they yelled in an effort to drown

The Lucy's approach as she slipped silent' round.

Brand sprang to the rail, to his dogs gave a cry.

"We have them, We have them! Let fire! Let fly!"

And Lasseter's guns, brass as church bells rung loudly.

"Merry Christmas, you bastards! We've beaten you soundly!"

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For those who are curious, I was able to archive the story yesterday just an hour before the change, so all information on Book II is safely stored away.

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