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Found 3 results

  1. A great article that goes in to not only the ship, its history and relevancy to Canada and Britain, but more importantly (and somewhat applicable to any GAoP shipwreck as well), the legalities of excavating the wreck. And another good article:
  2. Pirate Documentaries

    I just finished watching a documentary on History 2 channel called Pirate Island. It was about Madagascar shipwrecks. Good viewing...made me wonder what other pirate documentaries people have seen. I saw the Whydah exhibit at the Science Museum of Minnesota when it was in town, and the same guy who discovered that shipwreck is the person this Pirate Island documentary follows.
  3. I didn't see this posted on the site before (did a search and nothing came up). Also, if this is the wrong spot for it (or if I missed it somehow and this is a repost), moderate this as needed. There is a new Documentary on the recently found wreck of Henry Morgan's vessel. It's called "The Unsinkable Henry Morgan":