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Found 2 results

  1. Making a hat block

    Hat blocks: I've been searching for a reasonable priced hat for mid 17th century. No one has hat blanks with both a tall crown and wide brim. I'm told no one makes em that big anymore. So, either it was have a hat custom made, and pay some bucks, or learn how to do it myself, which is kinda what I'm about these days. I'm pretty handy and I took a couple of unshaped hats and got pretty close to what I'm looking for just using a couple of bowls. the problem is, the shape is close, but the hat is not big enough for my head, if I put the hat stretcher on it, it starts to get funny looking again. I'm also making a compromise on the brim size, I really want the tall crown, the brim size is negotiable So I'm posting an antique hat block I found on eBay which is similar to the shape I want (but very expensive), followed by my first attempt at blocking my hat. as I said the shape is close, but when stretched to fit my noggin, it starts to come undone a bit. What follows is the start of a project to make my own hat block. I started with a 6 in wide mahogany board, why mahogany? to be brief, I didnt want poplar and I know mahogany is fairly easy to work. The 6 inches is roughly the height of the hat crown. I measured the widest part of a wool hat that fit me, then took the perpendicular measurement. I measured out the pieces to be glued together. Cut them in a trapezoid shape, the bottom slightly larger than the widest part of my head, the top slightly larger that the shape I desired on top. The center pieces are full size, the outermost sides are slightly smaller, because the finished rounded size is smaller. I'm gluing two pieces of wood together at a time, then I will glue the larger pieces together. After that I will start shaping. so look for Part II at a later date.
  2. In 1668 Capt. Robert Searle and his privateers sailed from Jamaica to loot the silver ingots held in the royal coffers at St. Augustine. Under cover of night, they slipped into the harbor and attacked the sleeping town... We are always looking for new recruits to portray townspeople, garrison soldiers, Native Americans, and buccaneers! Our focus is on an accurate historical impression, using correct materials, styles, and equipment. You need not be a historian, actor, or military enthusiast to participate. WARNING ORDER The 17th annual, historical re-enactment of The Sack of St. Augustine: Capt. Robert Searle's Raid of 1668 will take place March 5th - March 8th 2015, in St. Augustine, Florida. Camp setup will begin on Thursday March 5th after 12pm at The Fountain of Youth Park. The battle in downtown St Augustine will be held on Saturday March 7th at 5pm, starting in the city Plaza. There will be a parade of arms downtown Friday evening at 5pm to announce the battle on Saturday. (Be aware that all participants will be dressed as Spanish for the Friday parade.) PLEASE NOTE: · This Event is a historical re-enactment. Historically accurate garb and gear are required to participate in this Event. Please contact Jeff Johnson or William Kunze to let us know that you are or any of your crewe will be joining us for the festivities .No "skull and crossbone's" will be allowed. Not on Flags, clothing, or gear of any kind. There is no historical evidence of these standards flown in this time period. · English buccaneers and Spanish soldados - musketeers are needed! Matchlock, snaphaunce ,doglock, and miquelet muskets will be accepted. Queen Anne pistols will be allowed. Research shows them being used as early as 1660. · Native Americanre-enactors, doing Timucua, Apalachee, and Guale, are especially welcome! · If you are a sutler and interested in selling period correct items at this Event, please contact me asap at There are no sutler fees! · The Fountain of Youth Park has onside bathroom and shower facilities. There will be a $15 registration fee for this event. This will cover meals, gunpowder, fire wood and hay for the event. Everyone is on their own on Thrusday for food, we will have meals for you on Friday and Saturday. For further information, please e-mail us at or call 904-534-6168. Please come join us! Jeff Johnson -Leftenant, -Quartermaster / Information Officer, Searle's Buccaneers(c. 1668) --Leftenant of Musket, Capt. John Tilden'sCompanie, Prince Rupert's Regiment of Foote (c. 1645) [members, Sealed Knot UK] --Leftenant of Musket /Quartermaster Gordon's Musketeers, Strathbogie Regiment (c. 1639 and 1644) -Leftenant / Quartermaster,Drake's Men (c. 1586) 904-534-6168 E-mail: