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Found 5 results

  1. Water, beer and rum

    In the republic of pirates Woodard states that: ”..Royal Navy rations gave each man a half pint of rum and a gallon of beer every day..” What about water? Did they drink water, or was the beer of such low alcohol strength that it served as the common drink aboard? In that case, how did they provide those quantities, were they able to brew beer along the way?
  2. Lots of small run rum makers are now selling product on a local level. Just curious what your favorite rum is to drink straight without ice or a mix? Mine? Goslings Black Seal.
  3. Pirate/sailor golden age of piracy

    From the album Realistic pirate art

    This sailor or pirate carries a rum/beer/wine/ gunpowder barrel. He is wearing petticoat breeches and his checkered underpants can been seen under it. He has a pair of red stockings and a striped wool cap. He wears a commonplace linen shirt and shoes. He is not really special in any way so a rather common sailor of the era (circa 1690-1725). As far as I know people had striped wool caps back then… at least some sort of striped caps are mentioned in sailor’s inventories etc.
  4. A Pirates Life gold On parchment 2000px

    From the album Some of my designs

    A Pirate's Life for Me, in gold against parchment... because I thought it looked cool.

    © Anthony Gillis

  5. From the album Some of my designs

    Done in the style of an old sign, document, or notice. A Pirate's Life is all about living life to the fullest.

    © Anthony Gillis