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Found 3 results

  1. Quest for Blackbeard

    The printers for Quest for Blackbeard are offering a 25% discount on print versions till Christmas plus whatever the revolving weekly discounts are, as listed on their home page Quest is available also in ebook/Kindle format and is the most updated version. Go to to order. This is quite a savings! Author site: #blackbeard #pirates #history #maritime
  2. What was a Jacobite?

    Ahoy, mates! I have written an article describing the complex political and historical context of what it meant to be a Jacobite. Please enjoy and parley on the points! Note the article from my book on Richard Tookerman of South Carolina that I referred to in the blog article: Baylus C. Brooks Candidate in Maritime Studies Program East Carolina University Professional Research Historian at Brooks Historical Amazon Author Page LinkedIn Profile
  3. Hi to all, I am a reenactor of 18th century naval and maritime events, and will be moving to Port Lavaca, Texas next month, having just bought a 30 foot (modern) sailboat (soon to be rerigged for training purposes), with intentions of buying and retrofitting an even larger (41 to 50 foot) sailer in 2015. Before this extravigance however, I am seeking a core goup of people in the Texas Gulf Coast Region (and guests welcome from anywhere) to learn to sail the "little boat" and form the basis of a crew devoted to portraying all walks of maritme life from 1700 to 1799.. The ultimate goal is to reproduce something like a packet boat or dispatch ship complete with able crew, to participate in events ranging from the Golden Age of Piracy to F& I, Revwar and Anglo/American hostilities toward the end of the century. No money is required at this time, only enthusiastic participation and a desire to learn to sail! This organization welcomes all persons of all ages, races, genders, sexual orientations and invites capable people who are physically challenged to particpate. Please contact me directly at m i k e e e e b x @ for more information and thanks for looking.