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Found 1 result

  1. Surrender The Sweets!

    With Halloween approaching I thought it would be a dandy time to post one of my poems from my new book. It's about Halloween...and a pirate! Surrender the Sweets! I’m a thieving little sea dog, the meanest ever born, and I demand that you surrender your stash of candy corn! I’ll also snatch your Cracker Jack, your popcorn balls as well, take away each taffy and creamy caramel. I’ll confiscate your crunch bars and force you to give up your licorice, your lollipops and peanut butter cups. I’ll make off with your Milk Duds, your bubble gum cigars, and last I’ll hijack happily your hoard of Hershey bars. You can keep the apples and all that healthy junk. But hand me all the candy before your house is sunk! Be glad it’s only once a year that I become this vicious brute. But it’s Halloween and I’m a pirate so give me all yer loot!