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Found 2 results

  1. Permission to come aboard...

    I wanted to say hello to everyone here. I'm an older pirate from the Arizona Ren-Fair days. I have been plundering the southwest for some 30 years. I'm a nurse when not plundering and a retired minister. I can still do marriages or a quick exorcism after a night out pub crawling. My only real claim to fame was that I was one of the suppliers for baldriks and belts for Disney's POTC. The only down side to that is when you work for the mouse you sign a non compete clause that states you cannot sell anything related to POTC under your name.....sigh..... So as they say, "Fire your leward guns, or nail your colours to the mast." Extra credit if you can guess who made that quote. :-)
  2. Cap'n Syn, at your service

    Let me take a moment to introduce myself, Captain Syn. it has always been a boyhood dream to be a pyrate to sail the caribbean live on the ocean island hopping. I think what set it in motion was the ride, "Pirates of the Caribbean", I rode on that when I was about 5 and still remember the original ride. Long before the POTC movies came out and redesigned the ride, (which I have no problem with they did a good job and still kept to the original nicely I think ) I emediately when and spent my hard earned chore money I had saved and bought a sword and hat(with my parents help that is) Fast forward almost 20 years and I'm glad I have kept my dream alive! I still love pyrates and all the things surrounding them, I am themeing my kitchen in my house to look like a tavern pyrates would have frequented. I would like to think of myself as the pyrate I always dreamed about being, having my own boat and sailing around. I don't have a boat...yet. I'm the market, as it were, I have plans of building a 49-50 ft wooden sailboat and sailing from the keys down to the caribbean and doing the feasting on waves thing. (show on the food network by Alton Brown, if you havn't seen it YOU NEED TO.) So me and a few friends are going to be "Pirates of the Caribbean" on our ship, The Drunken Wench, drink rum and sing a Pirates life for me as loud as we can! that truely is the life for me. I hope to make friends here and I've already been gathering information as I've been lurking for a few weeks now before I commited to it, but I want to be apart of this community and I hope you will have me. Yo Ho Ho, Cap'n Syn.