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Found 2 results

  1. A Period Ship's Manifest

    Hello, everyone! So after much research and looking over this forum, I have been unable to find an example of a complete period manifest, circa 1720. Everything I try to pursue ends up being a list of names but what I am searching for is an accurate account of what cargo a ship of the period might have on board. Both for goods of business and crew rations [apologies if the latter is called something different]. I am writing about multiple types of vessels; a royal navy 6th rate frigate with a complement of 149 and equipped in a warlike fashion, an English sugar merchant sloop with a compliment of 80, a pirate brig with a complement of 163, and a pirate sloop-of-war with a complement of 127. The manifests don't need to be as specific as I have listed but close would be phenomenal. Of course any books or references are greatly appreciated, even to just give me a nudge in the right direction.
  2. Introducing

    T'would seem that way back in June I made an unfortunate error and made my first post not about my goodself and from whence I hail, but about a delicious item by which my Master and I offered for sale. Although none have challenged me openly about my breach one amongst you made a pointed remark, by which I requested a reason behind the remark, to whit no answer have I justly received, but fellows of the person have apologised and I have accepted. So, I ask may I try again? I am Morgan Desiree Adams and sail under the flag of my Master, we are pryvateers of the inland waterways of the Shires in Great Britain, but we can also be found across the channel in Holland for some small moments in time through the year. Our main business in life is providing historically correct fire power to many people, my Master is a gunsmith and he makes exquisite historically correct pieces, from poleguns of 14th Century, to cannon, swivel guns and wall guns on carriages and tillers, to matchlocks and flintlocks up to and including 19th Century. We have a catalogue available for anyone who wishes to peruse our wares, our website is in the state of flux as it is being updated, or we can be reached on our email address to answer any questions you may have. We work from detailed drawings, pictures, paintings and original plans, however we don't make fantasy pieces. My Master served a long apprenticeship and still there is more to learn, he's passionate about what he does, my role keeps me firmly on board and very hands on. Our latest venture - technical information - 12g at the breech, brass barrelled is in the gallery - despite being told how to put pictures on this part, I'm afraid it is beyone me - technology ended for us at the flintlock!