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Found 8 results

  1. Barbossa's pistol butt

    From the album Wardrobe Inspiration

    a detail if the butt of the pistol
  2. Barbossa's pistol replica

    From the album Wardrobe Inspiration

  3. Barbossa's pistol

    From the album Wardrobe Inspiration

    a replica someone made of barbossa's pistol
  4. Barbossa's Pistol

    From the album Wardrobe Inspiration

    Barbossa's and Dawg Brown's pistol from Pirates of the Caribbean and Cutthroat Island respectively
  5. Pistol

    From the album Wardrobe Inspiration

    made by Pirate's Cove Arms. Eventually I will get something similar from them. I have also thought about getting an exact replica of Barbossa/ Dawg Brown's pistol
  6. Fer Sale: Loyalist Arms .68 Doglock pistol, with a generous assortment of tools and the like: In good and firable condition, albeit with a smattering of rust here and there. http://reading.craig...3352929705.html Just cause I likes ya all, the price to members of this board is $150 plus transit. Paypal only, please. Ye can writes me back on here or at Also has a cutto in custom sheath: (it be like the one you carries, Cascabel) http://reading.craig...3352941256.html As well as one actual from the period: http://reading.craig...3352955752.html Mungo
  7. Hard times befallin' me of late, trying to work up some scratch for the bills... must part with two flintlock pistols. One is the Loyalist/Middlesex Village Highland Murdock, all steel with the flaring barrel end. The other is a 60/70's Jap 'Tower' pistol, which actually looks more like a copy of a Ketland if you ask me. Neither have been live fired with ball, only reenactor loads. Both in good shape and fire well. Any way, both pistols are $200 each, shipping included. I can only take money orders and will ship the day I receive payment. You can buy one, or both, up to you. Here's hoping some of you may be interested, and these pistols find a good home. Highlander (David)