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Found 6 results

  1. 500920 4 L

    From the album Wardrobe Inspiration

    unique combo of cutlass and basket hilt
  2. 5174 2

    From the album Wardrobe Inspiration

    I'm very found of cutlasses like this with a scallop shell handguard
  3. cutlass

    From the album Wardrobe Inspiration

    I'm very found of cutlasses with a wicked curve like this and a scallop shell handguard
  4. Fer Sale: Loyalist Arms .68 Doglock pistol, with a generous assortment of tools and the like: In good and firable condition, albeit with a smattering of rust here and there. http://reading.craig...3352929705.html Just cause I likes ya all, the price to members of this board is $150 plus transit. Paypal only, please. Ye can writes me back on here or at Also has a cutto in custom sheath: (it be like the one you carries, Cascabel) http://reading.craig...3352941256.html As well as one actual from the period: http://reading.craig...3352955752.html Mungo
  5. Hanger / Hunt Sword - For Sale

    My personal sword that I made myself for Key West is now for sale. It has a brown leather scabbard that is made to fit in a baldric and I would be happy to make a drag(metal tip) for it if the buyer wished. I am asking $600 for the sword and $675 with the scabbard. $715 with metal tip on the scabbard. This is a huge savings. The sword alone would retial at $675 and the scabbard, as is, would be $112.00. The tip regularly adds $60 to the scabbard price. The sword is the first of this design and features many custom options. I also would throw in a free engraving on the blade. A name or logo/crew flag. Here is a link to the thread with all the details. It is set up as a blunt now but I would through in a sharpening if the buyer wishes. Thanks for looking!
  6. Custom Hanger

    I know I promised a full tutorial on this piece and I will write one up and get it on the site, but for now, here she is. This fall I finished this hanger sword for a re-enactor and I just got it uploaded to our site and thought that I would share it with you all. It features a custom shaped wide sharp 27" blade with distal taper. double hand ground fullers(Swatton style). A short false edge at the tip. A custom shaped clamshell with a forged thumb ring. Spiral fluted cocobolo handle. A wrought iron end cap that was ground to shape. A forged Iron knucklebow that was left crusty(forge scale) by request of the customer. More pics and info here : Here are a few WIP shots I have a ton more in progress photos on our facebook here http://www.facebook....81225150&type=3 Thanks for looking. Comments always welcome!