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Found 1 result

  1. Hello all! So I am quite new to this site and am very excited to pick the brains of such passionate people. Why I'm here... I have started writing a fictional, pirate novel series based in the Caribbean during the period of 1701-1725 [because of character backstories and whatnot] and keep hitting historical snags. My want is to write a book for people like us. Those of us who live and breathe history and laugh absurdly at Pirates of the Caribbean and its inability to choose a period. And although no body of writing is ever perfect, I want to be as authentic as possible. In today's society, even in books, I feel pirate related fights and personalities are not fairly projected and often fall into pop-culture ideas and stereotypes [*cough, cough* Jack Sparrow *cough, cough* Black Sails]. Why I'm here at this moment... Question 1: I have spent large amounts of time attempting to find information, most of it from here [praise be to!], but can't seem to find anything about who was posted in the Caribbean during my time period. Most of the story takes place in Jamestowne, Havana [yeah, Spanish stuff!], Kingston, and Port Royal. So the question is, who filled those posts, where, and when? Any information would be helpful, even if it's not British. I will be making up names [because fiction] but it's always nice to sprinkle in some real ones. Plus I don't want to accidentally make up posts or falsify the names of superior officers if it's documented somewhere [yikes!]. Question 2: This is kind of an add-on to the first question, but what exactly were the postings in the New World? It's always hard to differentiate [especially online] from lists of officer postings from England proper to the Caribbean. Was there a Commander of the Watch on land for common crimes [especially in the colonies and Kingston]? An Admiral of the Fleet? Were military officers even stationed in the islands or just admiralty? I know that Sir George Byng was the Admiral of the Fleet in England but how many Admiral of the Fleets were there? Was there one stationed in the Caribbean? Question 3: What power did each officer hold and what were their jobs [common crimes, officer commissions, etc.]? This question is mostly in reference to a scene I wrote between an Admiral of the Fleet [which is subject to change if one did not exist ] and Sir Nicholas Lawes, governor of Kingston, Jamaica. Could the governor tell an admiral of such rank what to do or vice versa? Or did they simply coexist? What types of things fell into each others jurisdictions or was jurisdiction not even a thing back then? Question 4: Were the posts on a ship or a city? This is especially in correlation with Admirals as I have read from numerous sources that they spent most of their time on their flagships. I know this was a long one and for those of you who made it to the end, I thank you for taking the time. Again, any information is greatly appreciated as I am in a desperate way, haha.