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Found 4 results

  1. A pirate captain/officer circa 1700-1730

    From the album Realistic pirate art

    A pirate captain or other officer. I decided to place his appearance between common sailor and gentleman. He has a tricorn hat but rest of this gear casual sailor clothing. He has a weapon belt with ammo bag.
  2. A Merchant captain

    From the album Realistic pirate art

    He is a merchant captain with tricorn hat, two waistcoats (well just a little error... but he can have two for cold weather or something), neck cloth, breeches, fine socks and shoes. While he is a gentleman he has his own hair or a small form of wig. He has a light gentleman gear so he is not wearing the justacorps coat or a huge feathered hat. He is holding a telescope based on late 17th century and early 18th century telescopes like http://collections.r...ects/43703.html , http://collections.r...ects/43727.html and http://collections.r...ects/43735.html
  3. Fine Pirate Captain

    From the album Realistic pirate art

    This is a pirate captain. He wears a fine suit of clothing. From head to toes: He has a cloth cap edged with rich fur. It is based on period evidence of sailors clothing. While the fur cap might seem odd especially in the hot West- Indies in colder weather especially when at sea and when sailing in the north it would be useful. Even captain Blackbeard was described to have a fur cap in contemporary evidence. So pirate captain can really well wear one (there is even contemporary picture of Privateer Jean Bart with such hat). The Captain also possesses a nice embroidered crimson sleeved waistcoat and breeches inspired by Bart Roberts and period fashions. This captain has two pairs of pistols in his sash –it is accurate since occasional and short sashes were sometimes worn (but not the big ones that H. Pyle’s paintings are full of or many movies). He has silk socks and fine high heeled gentleman shoes. His expression and gestures indicates that he is recruiting captured sailors to join him (that is also why he is so well dressed).
  4. Solving for the Unknown

    I wrote this short story for my mother, a teacher of mathematics, who asked me to write a ghost story about numbers. I did - but of course, I couldn't resist including pirates in it too.