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Found 6 results

  1. Quest for Blackbeard

    The printers for Quest for Blackbeard are offering a 25% discount on print versions till Christmas plus whatever the revolving weekly discounts are, as listed on their home page Quest is available also in ebook/Kindle format and is the most updated version. Go to to order. This is quite a savings! Author site: #blackbeard #pirates #history #maritime
  2. Quest for Blackbeard

    Hi ya lubbers, Just some bit of info on my book that was published last month. Google Books has a large preview to it especially the first couple hundred pages: Quest for Blackbeard: The True Story of Edward Thache and His World B&N page: Amazon page: Printers site: Author's Site: Google Books site: Baylus C. Brooks
  3. What was a Jacobite?

    Ahoy, mates! I have written an article describing the complex political and historical context of what it meant to be a Jacobite. Please enjoy and parley on the points! Note the article from my book on Richard Tookerman of South Carolina that I referred to in the blog article: Baylus C. Brooks Candidate in Maritime Studies Program East Carolina University Professional Research Historian at Brooks Historical Amazon Author Page LinkedIn Profile
  4. I’ve written another article for my site, CSP Historical, this time about Blackbeard. It’s called “The Firsts of Blackbeard: Exploring Edward Thatch’s Early Days as a Pirate.” By examining Thatch’s early career up to about November of 1717, through the lens of when particular firsts occurred, I help clear away the myths and clutter surrounding Thatch’s early history. In the process, I also end up examining some of Hornigold’s history and the seldom-mentioned Captain Napping. I suspect there’s a little bit of something for everyone in this article. In my previous article review, I mentioned delaying an article because I wanted to obtain some documents. This is that article:
  5. This is astounding. This is Kevin Duffus giving a presentation on March 19 to the Virginia Historical Society, "What's Wrong with Black Beard?" I saw a version of this talk about two years ago in Washington, North Carolina. This version is even better. Even if you disagree with some of his points, the evidence he has found relating to Blackbeard's history I think demonstrates how highly worth discussion and debate his position is. The sheer amount of evidence here has to make you at least think "there are too many coincidences for at least some of it to not be correct. Surely all these names matching all can't just be coincidence (at least some of the "coincidences" must not be coincidences by sheer odds of how many coincidences there are)."
  6. Ahoy me hardies! Ye best be keepin Saturday, May 18th 2013 open. Hurleyville, NY is being invaded by Pyrates, and we be landing at Nadia's Restaurant & Cafe! It be a bash for both young and old! Dress & Talk like a Pyrate! Games, Crafts, Stories, Prizes! Young Buccaneers 4-7PM, Adult Brothern of the Coast 7-10PM. Come meet a real living & breathing pyrate, Capt'n Gray Bear - the great, great grandson of Pyrate Capt'n Israel Hands, who was 2nd in command to Edward "Blackbeard" Teach! Great fun & food for all! Bring yer cameras, BYOG (Bring yar own Grog!) Ye can hail Nadia's at 845 693-5104 for more information & reservations. We be hopin to see ya all! No excuses or ye be hangin' from the highest yard arm! For all of ye who have been granted a marque of credit by the Master of Cards, or Lady Visa, Nadia allows ye to exchange yar marque of credit for hard, cold, booty via the black magik of an ATM.