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Found 1 result

  1. An Apology for Arrogance

    I would like to humbly apoligize to everyone i put off in my attempts to recruit people to The Devil's Brood Pyrates. I had a reality check with a gentleman with an axe last year at an event, and am making motions to being more humble, thankfully, those i know personally in Ohio have been forgiving and taken note of my efforts to change. But i still feel i owe some of you on Pyracy Pub the same curtousy. I came accross a facebook post that does not exactly look at me in too favorably a light so this additional eye opener tells me there is still some bad blood, and I would very much like to earn your forgiveness. I'd like to be welcomed into the Pirate Community, not thought of in a negative light. I will not attempt to justify my actions, as I know i was in the wrong on many things, and i know I came off as an arrogant little d***. So once again, i hope you can forgive me, and one day I might have the chance in a year to buy you a tankard of rum as friends.