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  1. What Follows

    What follows Ole Zach's Tavern is dark and silence distills upon the green but for the roosters sounding ever and the waves echoing will the spirits speak of us now as we did in our short turn of them our less than solemn musings in anthems of rum condemn where is the string plucked that filled the batteries with living sound and the stray voices which taught love and loss by song aloud where hang the jacks above the canvas which marked the wind and the lovers caged in handfastings of death twinned can you hear the laugh of mortals in their cups and company speak of deeds done and errands all bound up in infamy and taste clever lies we seasoned stories with to give such savor that every tale was longer made and longer shared with favor while favors of another cloth were clothed in shadow clandestine meetings by darkness sought or with the tallow and friendships made by firesides and elbows bent survive the silence which now stills once merriment for the cannon call has rolled away discharged anon with those carriages that bore them hence all come and gone and only embers in the ash remain which speak of nights that were till fires are fanned of such cinders left to some future stir to blaze in our imagination as they did by hammer and powder both in that invasion of our wills our worth and our unspoken oath -William Brand 12/15/13