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Found 1 result

  1. i have been advised by a wiser friend to go about starting a crew by building the group around it's captain. That being said, this is a call to arms for people wishing to portray what you think of when you think of pirates. that is to say, galleons, spanish doubloons, the isles of tortuga and Madagascar buried treasure, walking the plank etc. So while Pirate legends will be portrayed, we will also be portraying them with as much historical accuracy as possible. We will be doing the Age of buccaneers Mor particulalry from the years 1662-1689. i have made a comprehensive timeline for my character, which puts us primarily in the caribbean and Indian Ocean, but even as far as England, the medateranian and the south china Seas. our portrayal will be liken to honerable thieves, with a dark side, similer to Black Sam Bellamy. Our ship has been designed by myself,and is a 3rd rate ship of the line class war galleon with four masts, and 7-odd broadside guns, as i've said, we are doing pirate legends here. I am looking for people willing to travel to events, cheifly to Ohio, due to the fact that transportation is limited to nonexistant for me. this might change however. The traveling part is a nessecity for this group, You have to be able to travel to events and keep up a regular commitment, either as full, or part time members as this crew is part of The Devil's Brood Pyrates guild. more spaciffcally, a chapter called 'The Roving Fleet' which is under my direction as well. the roving fleet is made up of pirate crews that have scattered members, or venders or stage acts that travel for a living. Those that jion the roving fleet can expect the benefits of networking as well as all other benifits our group has to offer. if you have any questions, please feel free to ask, i will answer as Captain of the Knights of the Black Flag, and the Fleet Commander for the Roving Fleet, depending on which you wish to inquire about