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Found 1 result

  1. Tale of the First Alliance

    This is a Fictional Account of the first meeting, and subsiquent frienship/alliance between me and Blackjack Brimstone of the Devil's Brood Pyrates. I wrote the basic story, and Blackjack added some fleurishes and helped make sure his character was represented accuratly. In reality, we met at the Hampton Blackbeard Fest in 2010 Tale of the First Allaince by ~ Commodore Greyhound and Commodore Blckjack Brimstone of the Devil's Brood They said it was an alliance forged in the hells themselves and that even the locker feared to claim them, all that is truly known is that on that night a dark wind was blowing. A pact between two of the most contemptable pirates to ever set sail under the black flag. Some say, Old Roger had a hand in putting the two blackguards together. As they would later found the most cursed brotherhood of buccaneers on the seven seas. Not much is known about how the cord was struck. Brimstone Kept his secrets well, and Greyhound always said 'Dead men don't talk.' It was cold and dark when the fleet of the Seven Seas Blood Wolves and the ship of Greyhound pulled into Tortuga and anchored beneath Lavasseur's fortress. Greyhound, walked into the 'Yellow Tankard' tavern. He wore a Blood Red coat. It was from the uniform of a Spanish officer. And the entirety of it was covered in dried blood. As was his boots, pants and waistcoat. He spoke in his Highland Brogue in a loud voice. "I've a mind to take Havana and spill enough Spanish blood to stain the entirety of the Caribbean red. anyone who has a care for the plunder to be had is welcome to sign arcticles." he said. Now many a man had heard from the smugglers about 'El Senior Rojo' the Red Gentleman, who the Dons claimed escaped the great castle at Havana and swore revenge. but none put much stock in the tale that was told. Epecially now that 'El Senior Rojo' revealed himself and appeared to be naught but a fop with a taste for red clothes. All went back to their drinks, giving not a fig for what went on. Greyhound walked straight to a man who sat in the darkest corner of the room, surrounded by three companions and blanketed in shadows black as sin, and spoke. "And I'd wager even you won't join me? even though ye have a bloddy ship o' the line under your command eh laddie? That's a fine craft I saw you comin' ashore from." The man lit a cigar, which lit his face demonic mask up like hellfire and answered in a raspy voice "The Black tide serves her purpose... Why war Captain...?" "For what i suffered the the hands o' the Inquisition there'll be blood Says I. Come now mate, you be a buccaneer clear enough, i know the defenses in the harbor, i seen 'em first hand, come along, and ther'll be booty for all" Greyhound said "Hardly worth my time..." he says "I'll join you... if only to see it fail... and as you said... should you succeed... the bounty will be great..." Those two blackguards would come to unleash Hell upon the City of Havana and Return to Tortuga with a fortune in plunder, and they say, that was the birth of the Devil's Brood, the alliance, betwixt two ruthless rogues, which would go on to spawn an entire armada of Hellions who plundered the Seven Seas.