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Found 1 result

  1. Flat Fish Jenny

    Here be a Music Video eye recently made about a horny sailor who meets his demise when he clamps his lusty eyes upon Flat Fish Jenny ~ Enjoy mates ! Flatfish Jenny Sailor Jack had Just come home Having been at sea ~ All these months alone His Ship reached the dock On that summers dayaaaahhh He spied Flatfish Jenny In his Wonton waaaayyy ~ ***************************** Sailor Jack went to steal a kiss His breath full of Rummmmmm.. ( Mary///euuuwwww ) She did ‘em back like this ***************************** It’s eyes wide as saucers Twas the last thing he ever saw.... Slimy Scales oh’ shiny and blue Flatfish smacked his Jaw ! ***************************** ( Mary evil laugh ) Sailor jack ,would not have this So he scooped her up To make her his... ***************************************** Flatfish Jenny reached for his gun and in a big struggle, She Shot Him for fun ! *******************************( Mary evil laugh ) His soul now lost ~ whom the devil took he’d not have the grave Had he read the Good Book ! Now a warning to every sailor in her port Don’t be Messin with her EEErrr Ye life be cut short! x2