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    Pyrates (of course!), undersea archaeology, history (everything) and anything to do with the salty sea! I am a US Marine (reserves, now), so the sea, and storming enemy vessels is in my blood... I like jumping out of perfectly good aircraft, hiking through jungles and forests, and up hills and mountains... I'll try anything once! I'm also of Scottish blood (Clan McLachlan "Fortis et Fidus - Daingeann a Dileas")
  1. A New Pirate Book

    I just read the forty page teaser on the publisher's website, and the book is great! I can't wait to read the rest. If you haven't already looked at it, I recommend you do! Stellar work, OryginalCinn!
  2. GO NAVY!

    Even better, I loved the story a couple of months back about some other Somali pirates that tried to hijack a luxury yacht... some news pictures showed the pirates flexi-cuffed on the deck of their own boat, with a US Navy SEAL standing over them with his shotgun!
  3. Declare sumthin' about yerself that no one knows

    I have a Saint Michael's medal made out of the shrapnel from the mortar round that killed me... the medics brought me back, though! I have a much better personality alive than dead...
  4. W.A.G.-word association game

    always room for jello!
  5. What are you doing right now?

    Good tune! Reminds me of, well, certain California girls! LOL
  6. Dreams & Nightmares

    I dream, constantly, about things that happened in the desert. Someone told me this is because I am afraid of forgetting things that happened, and that I should write them down, and the dreams will eventually occur less and less frequently... I'm not a journaling type guy, though... it might help me get a full nights sleep, though!
  7. What are you doing right now?

    Sorry 'bout yer sickness, Christine. Hope ya feel better! I'm just watchin' Forrest Gump... "They said it was a million dollar wound, but I ain't seen a bit of that money..." LOL
  8. Simpathy for the devil.... Hitler

    Nazis were a scary bunch... just their obsession with the occult... *shivers* "If you were to put me with this here sniper rifle anywhere up to and including one mile from Adolf Hitler... with a clean line of sight... well, pack your bags, boys. War's over!"
  9. W.A.G.-word association game

  10. Group Buy on Shoes?

    Yup, I'm in... for anyone out there wondering about quality and accuracy, I've a pair of Mr Land's Rev War shoes and they are spot on, and made with great quality and attention to detail... Once again, I'm in, 9 1/2 E
  11. Chuck Norris

    The moral of the story? Dont @&%$! with Chuck!!
  12. W.A.G.-word association game

  13. Do you speak another language?

    A decent amount of Spanish, and enough Arabic to get by...
  14. W.A.G.-word association game

  15. What do you do for a living

    Arrrrrr, Gunny! Overseas work is my specialty!