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  1. Period correct Longboat specs

    I wish Santa would drop $7,000 down someone's chimney for this baby!
  2. A Note of Appreciation

    Thank you Spike for all of your hard work. I had a great time this year, and will most assuredly be there next year. Keep up the good work but remember that all work and no play makes a dull spike. I'll always have a tankard to fill for you.
  3. Happy Birthday to William Red Wake!

    Happy Birthday William! Enjoy your spoils.
  4. The Buccaneer Camp 2010

    I really like Pat's idea about the signs. Send me the info you would like for them to read, and I can build them as wooden sidewalk signs to resemble old tavern signs with interesting facts for the public. Plus next year I plan on driving down and I can bring them along. I have a few tavern signs I've made this year at work, and just finished one for my backyard called the "Tiderunner Tavern". I would be glad to bring it along and create a hang-out-spot where we can serve BBQ and Brew for the Buccaneers and all the pirates at PiP. How can we pit a pig in the coral at Key West? Do we cheat and bring a smoker?
  5. Happy Birthday Foxe

    Add another notch, Happy Birthday!
  6. wants to be back in the Keys with his toes next to a campfire!

  7. Special Moments of PIP 09

    I had a wonderful time as well! It was good to see old a new friends in Key West this year. My favorite moments were: The campsite fun, it was legendary with the Pyrates of the Coast, St Augustine crew, and Patrick "No Pants" Hand Silkie the sweetheart and her cousin Finn was a likeable fellow also The great dinner served by the Archangel Crew The walk with Odorless Eye Talking tech with Papa Tony Ratzzi Shooting the breeze with Stynky, Mission, and William (btw William's friend's monmouth caps are the warmest, coolest hats around) My tent holding up to the mini hurricane Dogge the Ghosty Hunter and his wild adventures And all my Pirate Brethren! See you soon!
  8. PIP Photos Thread 2009

    I know this isn't what you're looking for. It was moments before the sword battle and we were out on the WOLF.
  9. Sully on board the "WOLF" '09 PiP

    From the album Sully

    © © 2002 - 2009

  10. A "Raider" ready for a fight at '09 PiP

    From the album Sully

    © © 2002 - 2009

  11. Jamie blowing a tune '09 PiP

    From the album Sully

    © © 2002 - 2009

  12. Cutter at '09 PiP

    From the album Sully

    © © 2002 - 2009

  13. Great Scott and the Vintage Sailor

    From the album Sully

    © © 2002 - 2009

  14. Clamshell Cutlass for Mad Jack Morgan

    Pictures! Show us pictures!