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    Pirating (of course!), music, and art, leatherwork, costuming, and character acting.
    Oh, and I loves swag. Shiny, pretty, swag.
  1. "Burn the Ships" Pirate Party!!!

    Aye Charity- The band is looking long-term to tour. I'd LOVE to come up to BC! Burnaby is nearby Vancouver, isn't it? (My favorite city in the world!) Perhaps we could set up a series of shows in the area. I for one would be in heaven!
  2. Yer Pyratical Art...

    Aye, Patrick me friend, that's awesome! My favorite be the PyRat! The pun is mightier than the s-word!
  3. "Burn the Ships" Pirate Party!!!

    Great news! New entertainment has been added to the bill! Local pirate legend Cap'n Jack McCool has graciously agreed to join us onstage for a very special rendition of pirate music! You OTTER not miss this!!!
  4. Ahoy, mates! Hoist the colors and come about for an entertaining evening o' piratey goodness! Come help us celebrate the successful launch of our new CD, "Burn the Ships" - IN PIRATE STYLE!!! Ironwood Rain (featuring yours truly - Nigel) presents a "Burn the Ships" Pirate Party - performing a special Pirate/Nautical/Sailing/Ocean themed set - featuring music from the brand new CD and including as many piratey songs as we can get our hands on... We are inviting all of our pirate friends and family to attend - if you're in the Denver area on the 11th, you won't want to miss it!!! We will also feature a live premier our newest song, "Pursuit," about a pirate ship (from hell!) - told from the viewpoint of the ship herself!!! We'd like to get some great video shots of the song with the pirate crowd, so get gussied up in yer finest swash-buckling garb! (And there may even be a brand-brand new song from the journals/Caribbean adventures of a notorious local pirate and scallywag...) CLICK HERE to listen to tracks from the new CD Burn the Ships, along with tracks from the debut CD TRIO - . There will be many entertaining happenings throughout the evening, and special prizes too! SPECIAL MUSICAL GUESTS will be announced soon! Weigh anchor and set sail for adventure and fun! Saturday, December 11 - 6:00 - 9:00 pm D-Note 7519 Grandview Ave •Arvada, CO, 80002-2511, USA More information will be posted and updated on the Ironwood Rain website and on our Facebook Event If you have any questions, please contact us at Email ToniB or Email Nigel
  5. What lured you to pyracy?

    It can only be blamed on one person. So there I was, mindin' me own business. When Oliver Sudden (that's a friend of mine) buys me a beer, whilst sitting next to the nefarious scoundrel, Robb... err, Hurricane. We had been pillaging together once or twice, I noticed there was something about him that was unique amongst even other pirates. He was trubble with a capital "T" and a lot of "rubble." He liked to stir things up. Very piratey. So there I sat, having just finished the last gig with my previous band, witness to the end of one era. Fate was about to step through the door. Hurricane looks across the bar at me, and sez, "I have a proposition fer you. Two weeks in Key West. All you need to do is to learn the songs, [which I know you can do,] and wear a pirate costume, [which I know you have.] What say you, sir?" I looked up at the ceiling and said, "Sounds interesting. Let me think about it." Oliver reaches across and grabs me by the shirt: "Two weeks in Key West! Music! Pirates!!! What's there to THINK about??? Just do it!!!" "You are right," I said. I turned back to Hurricane and replied. "I'm in." Beginning of a new era. Nothing in myself or in my life has been the same since. Ah, the warm waters of the Caribbe... Adventures, rum, danger, love, fate, disaster, rum, hurricanes (4 of 'em,) music, more rum, sunsets that defy description, sailing, more rum, pillaging and much fun, frolicking and inspiration... "Pirate, that's in yer blood mate, and ye'll have to square with that someday."
  6. OOoohhh, now THAT'S a nice, bit 'at....

    Everything went according to plan.
  8. Happy Birthday to....

    Cheers mates! Hoist one fer the Joon Babies!!!
  9. Roll Call 2010

    The current POTC crewe, plus Lighthouse, Animal, Sloe Gin, Black Skot and Water Rat too??? This is going to be FUN!!! Trubble with a capital "T" and a LOT of "rubble"!!!!
  10. Yer real name

    Then, the Americanized version would be "Frecklestone." Yer a hard woman, Silkie...but yer freckles are so adorable!
  11. Pyrate Trading Cards V

    Alrighty mateys, I be just brimmin' wit' questions. But I'll keep it to ones that are pertinent to the task at hand: * Do the cards have to be the original artwork, or can we do one piece and reproduce it onto 10 cards? I'm thinkin', bein' as we have one month, and as this is the band's busy season with festivals and all (we have four gigs within one week alone!) and a full 5 days of 10-hour recording sessions at the end of the month, it might be more prudent (heh, I rarely use THAT word...) to put a little more effort into one piece and make ten reproductions, if that's okay for this round. * What are the dimensions of the cards? * What kind of card/paper stock shouldst we use, or is that up to the individual? * and, just out of curiosity, how many participants do we have at the moment?
  12. Pyrate Trading Card Pics

    Very nice, gang!
  13. Pyrate Trading Cards V

    Also just to be clear, what are the dimensions of the actual cards?
  14. Pyrate Trading Cards V

    Ahoy ya raucous rabble!!! Count me in!!! Shar.... er, Ransom talked me into it!!! Just to be clear, are we designin' a tatoo fer Ransom's heinie, or are we just doin' piratey art with a tattoo theme?