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  1. Gotta Love it, right???

    Oh GODS thats funny. Knew it had to happen....sequel o mania leads to cross-breeding.
  2. I dunno if this is new, but it certainly be FUNNY. http://loadingreadyrun.com/showmovie.php?x...klikepirate.mov
  3. I got a part!!

    Ah, but as lovely as ye would be, there be so many doxies about the port. What else could we find? some of the Chinese pyrate ships had female gunners. And I knows there were female ship's chirurgeons and physicians in the Atlantic. Ye might ask Red Maria bout that one as it's served her well on the west coast fer some time. Hadn't it lass?
  4. Letters of Marque

    I also seem to recall a really interesting letter of marque from Wm Bowles (billie bowlegs) and the State of Muscogee against the spanish for the sloop Miccusucee Mekko (if memory serves) in the musem at Ft. Walton. Issuing them is one thing. Makin em stick is another. Rather surprised that some of our less than enthusaiastic supporters abroad haven't issued letters of marque and reprisal against the US....or at least against some of the corporations. Corporations......Oooooooooh, now THAT could get tasty. :)
  5. Attention, gunners!

    WHICH weapons ?
  6. Black Beard on National Geo

    Now, Maria, when was the last time ya looked at a man's FEET?
  7. worlds oldest strippper

    LORD was I drunk last nite....
  8. Boarding Pikes

    Most of the descriptions and the few surviving examples seem to have been pretty crude, just an iron blade pinned to the end of a 7 or 8' spar. We made a couple of them using the lance heads we got at jas townsend and sons (www.jastown.com) which are pretty impressive looking, but I suspect would be on the high end of the real things. The pikes were apparently stored around one of the masts upright for quick deployment.
  9. Fresh meat!

    OF course, with my eyesight, the first time I saw the post I misread it as "damsel in distress needs shaving..." Ah well. Wellcome, lass..
  10. When is it just plain wrong

    This whole thing is complicated because, as we come into the 18th century, we are coming out of a period--read:all of human history--in which most of style and technology was local, not general. Couple that with the pirate characters that ranged the world, sampling, buying, and stealing their equipment, and you've got a formula for some really dubious "accuracy" debates. Nam Singh once sent me (ali if you read this, send us the source) a listing of criteria for accuracy used by a group he worked with. It makes sense: The goods involved: 1) Definitely existed: We have examples or multiple or very detailed illustrations of the goods from the period and location we're portraying. 2) Probably existed: We have drawings and/or descriptions of the goods from the period and location, the technology existed at the time, and similar goods may/did exist in neighboring civilizations at the same time. 3) Possibly existed: The technology existed at the time, similar goods may/did exist in neighboring civilizations, and the goods are a logical extension of usage or style for the culture we portray. 4) Probably did not exist: No pictures or descriptions exist for the time and locale, materials were unlikely to have been available, goods are culturally counterindicated for the group we portray. 5) Definitely did not exist: Technology did not exist at the time, materials used did not exist at the time or were unavailable to the culture, goods are too far out of period. Anyway, as a test for reenactment accuracy, it works fairly well. :)
  11. Pyrate Fish

    http://www.venganza.org/flash/fish2.htm :)
  12. Faire SLogans

    Me favorite has always simply read: "If i want your opinion, I'll read your entrails...." :)
  13. If Pyrates Ruled

    all around what?
  14. If Pyrates Ruled

    Oh, check this out!! :) http://www.worth1000.com/cache/contest/con...otoshop#entries
  15. What's yer battle cry?

    Me mum always told me to be perlite when pillagin' :)