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  1. movie quotes game

    I actually thought it was funnier than the Flint movies.
  2. What are you reading right now ?

    Hippocratic Writings translated by Francis Adams. Plus my Spanish Textbook.
  3. movie quotes game

    Yes, that is it. Now honestly, were you able to look it up? (I thought this was a really arcane movie - I wouldn't have known about it if Netflix hadn't recommeded it to me.)
  4. To confuse everybody

    I actually like the separate forums - in a way. I've had to go back to past events to look up info and it is much easier when the info is in one specific forum than in a huge mish-mash requiring a search (or several searches if I don't strike on the right word for a bit.) Having said that, I think we oughta' have a current and next month calender somewhere on the board That's what I'd say should be at the top - not a chat room. The forum is focused on re-enacting, after all. (Nothing against the chat room which is a fine thing for those who like it, but it would be nice if it were on it's own page and you could click on a link to access it. Hiding it for folks like me who have an irrational fear of instant anonymous communication is all well and good, but it doesn't even automatically hide now. It seems to have to wade through all my settings before remembering to hide it causing it to appear for a few seconds at the top of every new page opened. Annoying. But back to the Events forum.) We could also rotate the event sub-forums inside of the main Event forum so that the recent events are near the top. Come about this time of year, it's a huge pain in the arse to try to get to the forum for the current events. Personally, I think the calendar is a better idea, though. That way you intuitively know how the arrangement of the subforums will be inside the main Events forum, but you can click on a quick link from the calender for current events. I do think Ransom is right about forums that have had no activity or less than a few posts (say, 3-5) after a full year has passed and all the events have had their chance. Stick the "Other Events" subforum at the top of the subforums in the Events forum and put a thread for each "less than 3-5" event in there. If more interest develops, then activate a subforum for that event. (To make this easier since so many subforums already exist in there for such events, you might hide the subforums from the general users rather than actually deleting them.) Anyhow...that's my 2ยข on the events forum. Your mileage may vary.
  5. Vendors Index Thread

    Kathryn, would you guys rather I put you in Clothing or General?
  6. To confuse everybody

    I actually think it's a good idea. The forum is sort of unwieldy and confusing as it is now.
  7. To confuse everybody

    Unfortunately, I can't watch it at work, but whatever it issssssss...I'm against it!
  8. Santa Maria ITLAPD - Pics and Recap

    Since everyone allows me to use their photos for stuff, they can use mine as long as they give my camera credit. (I take about 2/3 of the photos, so it isn't necessarily me who should get credit, it's the camera.) If they were to link to MY event/bar page...well that would be awesome. (I can give you the web address link if they're willing to do that.) Actually, Count d'Booty got some really good bar shots as well.
  9. To confuse everybody

    I don't like it. Whatever it is, I dooooon't like it.
  10. Places to Stay

    I'm staying in the Pegasus Hotel, which is about as close as you can get for the price. (It's my first stay there, so I don't have anything to tell you about. I always thought it had an interesting look to it, though. Since it's only a long weekend, I figure it's worth a try.) The best place to stay (and the best deal IMO) is in the condos at Truman Annex. There is often a minimum stay time for such things, but you have a full house at your disposal and the rates work out to be better than most hotels and equivalent to many of the more reasonable ones. I am going to attach this thread to the thread about that topic so we can group this all together for future reference. That way you can read the research from last year.
  11. Santa Maria ITLAPD - Pics and Recap

    Well, for my part, No and No, so long as you give my camera credit. For myself, I am figuring to have a whole page devoted to the bar since there are so many pictures. (That's page 4. I am only on the creation of page 3. I believe there will be 5 pages and an Epilogue page.)
  12. Flying To PiP

    I flew in there one trip and drove. There used to be flights from Lauderdale, Orlando and Miasmi, but when I figured the costs at the time, it was the same price as renting a car - and then you had a car so you could go up the Keys without difficulty. If you want to fly it used to be cheaper to book the flight from your airport direct in than to try and cobble together flights. But that's my experience from about 10+ years ago.
  13. "One man's meat is another man's poison, I always say." "And truly, Claret Wine burnt with a good quantity of Cyanmon and mace, and a sprig of Mint, and Powder Sugar boyled in it; and so the Patient drinking two or three spoonfuls of it ever when he feels heart qualms and faintness [when he has dysentery]: I will assure you 'tis none of the meanest of Cordials." (John Moyle, The Sea-Chirurgion., p. 175) "The wine is quite excellent. Although for such a grand disease I would have expected a claret." "But of course. Unfortunately our hold is poorly stocked with clarets."
  14. Robinson Crusoe

    Indeed, the flashbacks do make a little more sense in the context of the whole storyline. However, they did something I personally found sort of annoying with the whole flashback thing; they started showing things that had happened that Robinson couldn't possibly know about, using the flashback "intro" (a hodgepodge of images with an appropriate "whooshing" sound). Then, even worse, they started showing things that were happening 'real time' in England with the same intro? Why use the flashback intro? But it's a minor gripe. The middle disc (Episodes 4-7, I believe) was fine and adventurey with lots of skeletons. So that was fun. Robinson is proving to be a most moral hero, which is also kind of nice. You don't get such heroes very often these days. They really like playing Robinson off against Friday, which makes sense, I suppose, given that they are the two main characters of the story. (Well, and Dundee. He's a main character.) The doctor stuff was pretty amusing and I thought they did a pretty nice job of it from what I know. The thing with the ant pincers is from one of the books I read on medicine (darned if I can remember which one), so someone did some nice research. The last disc really brought the flashbacks together, which is pretty much what I figured it would do with the backstory/mental hook concept. They appeared to be setting the female doctor up to be a villain in season two (this show really telegraphs its intentions IMO), which would have been a shame I think. I'd rather see her ally with Susana. Oh, and they failed me on the skeleton front by making the original ship's cook a skinless skeleton that held together. So they got one skeleton right and one wrong. But this is sort of like whining about bucket boots, so I'll just stop. It's kind of a shame they couldn't end the series in episode 12 with Robinson returning home and Friday returning to his father (if that could happen, given the things he said in previous episode.) I'm sure they wanted to continue the series, but it would have made a magnificent maxi-series (as opposed to a mini-series) the way it was constructed. One wonders if they would have started meddling with Robin's pure heartedness (if that's a word) as the series went into additional seasons. They often do things like this in later series' season to make them more enticing. On this front, at least, I'm glad they didn't have a next season. So I bump it to 4 of 5 stars based on the nice story arc. Plus it had three of my favorite sort of underrated (IMO) actors in it: Sam Neill, Anna Walton and Sean Bean. Good stuff, worth a watch.
  15. Flying To PiP

    Isn't that amazing? I can't ever remember it being less than $450 since I've been flying there and it has been under $400 all year. My first ticket (which I had to cancel because of my schedule) only cost $300!