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  1. Ok folks, here is the schedule of events. Some events marked TBA are pending finalization: Key West Pirate Invasion December 4,5,6 Monroe County School Pirate Day FRI – Time TBA by MC Schools Pub Crawl FRI 12/4 – 9PM SAT 12/5 – 6PM Sea Battle SAT 12/5 – TIME TBA Invasion Historic Seaport FRI 12/4 OR SUN 12/6 - 3-6PM Pirate Poker SAT 12/5 – 8PM Dress Like a Pirate – Schooner Wharf or East Martello SUN 12/6 - 6PM OTHER MOB EVENTS: Pirate Dock Sing-A-Long FRI – 3PM Aboard Topsail Tom’s Schooner Pirate Sunset – Mallory Square FRI 12/4 – SUNSET (Before Pub Crawl) Pirate Brunch – Blue Heaven SAT12/5 – 10 AM Pirate Staggering Ghost Tour SAT 12/5 - Midnight
  2. I believe it's Mallory, I know it's not the fort. I'll get clarification and report back. After doing a search, the historic seaport is the Key West Bight. This encompasses a large area of Key West. It includes the Harbor Walk and is where most of the commercial vessels and guides are slipped. Animal
  3. Ok lads and lasses, here is a tentative schedule of events for the Key West Pirate Invasion. When things are finalized I will post the official schedule of events. TENTATIVE SCHEDULE OF EVENTS FRI 12/4 FRI – Time TBA by MC Schools - Monroe County School Pirate Day FRI – 3 PM KICKOFF - Invasion Historic Seaport FRI: - Pub Crawl AFTER SUNSET SAT 12/5 SAT 12/5 – Sea Battle TIME TBA SAT 12/5 – Pirate Sunset – Mallory Square (Before Pyrat Pub Games) SAT 12/5 – 8 PM to ???? Pirate Poker SAT 12/5 – 8 PM to 12 AM Pyrat Pub Games SUN 12/6 SUN 12/6 – 10 AM Pirate Brunch – Blue Heaven SUN 12/6 – 1 PM Aboard Topsail Tom’s Schooner Pirate Dock Sing-A-Long SUN 12/6 – 3 PM to 6 PM Invasion Historic Seaport/Sea Battle SUN 12/6 - 8 PM to 12AM Dress Like a Pirate – Captain Tony's or East Martello OTHER MOB EVENTS: FRI 12/4 – Pirate Sunset – Mallory Square (Before Pub Crawl) SAT 12/5 - Midnight - Pirate Staggering Ghost Tour (STARTS AT HAUNTED CAPTAIN TONY'S AT MIDNIGHT - HOSTED BY BLOODY SPIKE PIERCE)
  4. I am now the official liaison for the Pub. I will be posting more information with who to contact for events if folks want to volunteer. I should have this info posted tomorrow evening. Animal
  5. Let me get Spike to answer this. He has a better grasp on what needs to be done. I'll get back asap with an answer or he will. Animal
  6. Close Pete....lolol......Mr. Brand, the hotel crawl has pretty much been scrapped. Originally we thought there would be enough participation to warrant working some deals with a couple of hotels. Alas that didn't come to bear. Working with a hotel is in the works, more info if that if it happens. To clarify, there are some folks who are still planning on going, they've already booked lodging. How many, I do not know. Anyone going down will be on their own hook for lodging unless there is enough actual commitment and interest in doing an encampment, then and only then will a effort be made to try to set that up. The Pyrat Brethren has been public for a couple of months now but a majority of those who stated they would be interested and want to help have fallen by the wayside. We are trying to keep a presence there so if and when we can make a presentation to the park service for a 2016 FTPI, they will see that there is an active interest in keeping the event. Right now Tallahassee has shut the door. The green shirts as well as the new manager are still interested but can't do anything until the powers that be open that door again. We are trying to keep the door cracked open instead of slammed shut and bolted. Only by active participation will that door open. That is the jest of what we are trying to accomplish. I for one will not be able to attend for a few years because of my employment status but I full support and am working behind the scenes to try to assist this event or something similar happens in the future. I hope all of this makes some sense.
  7. Pyrats will still be returning to Key West the 4th, 5th, and 6th of December. Some of the events will be an invasion of the seaport, Pyrat pub crawls and ships battles. More events will be added as they are finalized. Stay tuned here or on Face Book at the Pyrat Brethren page. YHS Animal
  8. Muster of the Mercury

    Just Animal and Florida for the location.
  9. Muster of the Mercury

    Mr. Brand, would you kindly add me name to the crew roster.......thank ye muchly
  10. New Job...

    Good on ya, mate!!! Worked at Snoqualmie Pass ski area as a instructor and racing coach/trainer for 5 seasons. It worked into off season position later on.
  11. FTPI Roll Call 2015

    I'm in wit da Mercury crewe...........
  12. Mercury FTPI 2014

    I'll chip in $20 towards food. Don't know where I'm being places in the Fort but Lily said something about putting me near electricity....whatever that means........
  13. Trade Blankets

    That's what my wife said..............
  14. Trade Blankets

    Lily....can I put myself up for sale???