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  1. The History of PiP

    2003 was my first year. I went down with a vendor, Pierre Rose. We got to work in Mallory Square and ended up across from the Schooner Wharf. That is where I ended up meeting this reporter chick soon to be known as Diosa. We became fast friends and became joined at the hip for the rest of the festival. It appears that Sir Nigel got around that year because I ended up married to him too. I met a large chunck of my future crewe there Diosa,Hurricaine, Nigel, Sully(Studly), and Olaf. I also met many other great people including Stynky Tudor which I have a great picture with on the courthouse steps but I seem to be having trouble uploading that image. I remember that during the battle with the Disney ship I got to be on the Wolf with Spider who escorted me and we got to fire on the large ship. We were still on the water when they did the fireworks and it seemed that we were right underneath them. It was beautiful! I remember there were events all over the town and it always seemed there was something going on. I also remember a guy named Blade who was always wearing a kilt. In his real life he was an exotic dancer and he knew ways to shake that kilt that I had never seen. He kept all the girls entertained. I'm sure there is more and I will have to add my point of view for the next year but don't have the time right now.
  2. just had some lasagne and garlic bread
  3. Pirate Festivals event list

    Thank you! That is very helpful
  4. W.A.G.-word association game

  5. Show Yourselves Pirates!

    looks like the link is not working.....
  6. Female Pirates

    Thank you for the sources!!
  7. Female Pirates

    I am looking for some good sources on Grace O'Malley, I would be happy to have any suggestions. thank you!
  8. missing my pirate friends

  9. Roll Call 2010

    I missed the last one but do plan to make the 2010 PIP

    I know he followed us around ALL weekend!
  11. Did you Survive PIP '08?

    They are so much fun it is hard to let them go!!
  12. Lost & Found

    Animal used to have that one, got a bigger one I think , the animal is quite a thirsty boy
  13. Did you Survive PIP '08?

    I so did love hearing the cousins call out to each other, especially during the hanging
  14. PiP 2008 Photo Thread

    The dice were a great idea!!! The sunset pic is gorgeous!!!!!!