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    Akron OH...which is not where I want to be...
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    Piracy, fishing, piracy, obsidian, gold, piracy, flintknapping (am I the world's first "Caveman Pirate"?), gold, piracy, gold obsidian...and a good slab of bbq ribs.
  1. Well, scupper me hide...I've been to that museum, a cunning little place it is, too. I'd like to see more goodies in the gift shop, but that's a minor consideration. I've visited Nassau twice now, by way of Carnival Pride. Next cruise, I'm planning on taking out a day pass for the British Colonial Hilton, which stands on the site of the old Fort Nassau, what Hornigold and Neddy Teach renovated for their use...
  2. Aye, mark me down on the Morgan's Private Stock list...I explain to me more lubberly colleagues here at library that it's like being smashed in the mouth with a fistful of vanilla beans...but in a *good* way... Besides...its easy to find. Can't lay hooks on Pyrat here, scupper me hide...
  3. Period hanging methods?

    I have heard that, in some cases, after the miscreant had...dangled...a bit, his friends were permitted to pull down on his legs to shorten his sufferings. A good period source for hangings is the Newgate Calender. You can find some selected stories here... http://www.ryerson.c...ff/newgate.html and you can download the entirei Calender to read at your leisure here... http://www.exclassic...ate/ngintro.htm Capn Bob tastelessly sings: "He's swinging in the rain...just swinging in the rain..."
  4. Happy B-day Capt. Bob

    Why, thank'ee both, Sutler John and Capt Sterling, and much appreciated! Got me some birthday books on the English Civil War, I did
  5. two lines means... oh bugger

    Well, somebody's been keepin' got a ship fer the growin' crew? (Ye'd think he and the missus ha' learned wisdom after the first one...) Congrats!
  6. Pyrate Rum Ribbons

    Well, if'n I get me beard long enough, I could tie the ribbons in it...but I can't find Pyrat here in benighted Akron, OH, scupper me hide...
  7. pirate regions

    Well, let's see...the conflict over Kent Island between Virginia and Maryland had accusations of pyracy flying around... And despite the likes of Nicholson and Spotswood, scupper them, hunting down poor pirates, ye had the likes of James Blair doing deals with South Seas buccaneers such as Edward Davis to get money for his college, William and Mary... about a third of the way down... So, add Virginia and Maryland onto the list...
  8. For Duchess to Play With

    The ass was bad but the donkey was good...
  9. Latchet shoes have been delivered...but I'm stuck at work, so I can't try them on...yet...

    1. Capn Bob

      Capn Bob

      And I still want a pina colada...

    2. Jas. Hook

      Jas. Hook

      Have the double Pina Colada after you install the buckles.

  10. PotC 5...

    Umm...I really think it was Bonny Anne (Anne Bonney) who is reputed to have said "If you'd have fought like a man you needn't hang like a dog", and not Mary Read. And the tales of heated orgies betwixt the three of them is just focsle gossip, belike...
  11. Greatest Fencing Scene of All Time?

    I've got that movie (the absolute best version of the Musketeers, in my not at all humble opinion) on my list for birthday goodies. If I don't get it for me birthday (April 21), I'll be ordering it meself...
  12. At work...and I want a Pina Colada!

  13. Greatest Fencing Scene of All Time?

    The greatest fencing scene ever has actually never been filmed. It is between Cap'n Benjamin Avery (RN) and Bilbo the Black in the book, The Pyrates, by George MacDonald Fraser
  14. What are you reading right now ?

    Speaking as someone who works in a library...didja take the book back yet?
  15. Neanderthal Pyrates?

    Takin' off me pirate hat and puttin' on me flintknapper's leather gloves for a minute...I suppose it would depend on just how far inland the artifact was...I can see the...umm...point (cough), but if the ballast was dumped just offshore, that might not account for its presence up the hills, as it were. Of course, what with glaciation and sea levels being lower, many of those islands may have been connected. Gloves off and Ishi Stick down now...