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    currently land locked in CT
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    Other than Pirates, I am a belly dancer,jewelry designer, henna artist. I other interests are Sci- fi , playing darts,divination(tarot cards,tea leaf reading, crystals,pendulum dowsing),amateur ghost hunting(during warm weather),vampires,Ren Faires,Lighthouses, collect anything peacock,penguins and hello kitty. Drinking Absinthe,Rocky Horror Picture Show,Nightmare before Christmas
  1. Fun w' boxes!

    Beautiful workmanship ERIS
  2. Jeweler's Coffee House

    Love the store. I love the jewelry nice work. Sipping her rum out of tea cup."Its Jamaican tea" I have 2 questions: I have to make holes in coins. I got a steel hole punch that does thinner metals. What would you use to drill thicker metal coins. I purchased a lot of foreign coins for 5.00 on EBAY. I was told drill and dremel tool. Any other suggestions that won't kill my wrist. How easy was it to do the Etsy store any pros and cons we need to know about? Other than the evil paypal. ERIS
  3. Rum Cake

    Funny story about rum cake. This happened about 5 years ago still funny to me. In my circle of friends our friend John every celebration or BBQ he would bring Rum Cake. There we sword fighting to get the last piece, he doesn't skimp on the rum. This Labor Day BBQ, he made a confession, well this rum cake has a little rum because I ran out by sampling to make sure its good for the cake. We gave him all kinds of grief because of "lack of rum cake" we called it. Someone from the BBQ tastes it and says" I can't eat anymore it has too much rum." Yet we spent a good hour tormenting John for not putting enough in. Moral of the story make sure when you make rum cake and the usual sampling the rum(which is not hard to do), to put at least some in the cake :angry: ERIS
  4. Pirate Cookie Cutters!!!!!!!!!&#33

    In my Michaels Its a whole section displayed 1 side princess and 1 side pirate party. It ain't just cookie cutters. I may have to get them tomorrow. ERIS
  5. Jeweler's Coffee House

    When you sell something paypal charges a fee. So I add it in to the price of the item or add a bit more for shipping. As for purchasing and selling with it. No problems. I may have to think of ETSY myself in the near future ERIS
  6. pirate checks

    I got and email from checkworks they are "in production".So any day now. Hey I found them checks quite by accident. ERIS
  7. pirate checks

    As i just moved and have to order new checks. i found from "pirate treasure checks". Yes I still use checks. I just thought I'd share I think they are cool. Eris
  8. Gypsy skirt thingy

    A lot of the mass produced coin scarves now have crappy sharp edges.The stitching of coins is usually crappy half snag and other half fall off after 1 wearing. I don't wear coin scarves normally I like the stealth factor of beaded ones. But hey you bumped into her it was an accident. Her issue if she got pissed.Be glad something else didn't caught that would really hurt! It happened to me (but not by a pirate at a Ren fair a few years back)I laughed about it and have a story to tell everyone. like now. ERIS
  9. Jeweler's Coffee House

    I be currently closing on a new condo and I have to be moving end of month. pouring some tea So I feel like I'm living in the cargo hold with all them boxes in my apt, me garb and beads all safe until new place. this is the first time i can catch up on all the boards and stuff I'm on. ERIS
  10. Petty Annoyances

    I get pretty much annoyed with stupid people and those who have no common sense. MY NYC attitude is out be warned. People who smoke right outside the door there is plenty of room AWAY from the front door. So I get a procession line of smoke. Step a few feet to the side there's plenty of room trust me. When I am at crosswalk is it UNNECESSARY to ride so close to the curb when making a turn, I don't know if you are going to drive on the sidewalk. you might as well. CT is the only place I know(in all my travels) that does this. Why haven't got a clue. When I have the WALK light I have right of way, you WILL wait until I get across, you aren't in that much of hurry.Its called a red light for a reason. Pedestrians have the right of way at a designated crosswalk pg 15 of the CT DMV driving manual. Red light means STOP Green light means GO- Not the opposite stop racing for a light that is already red and watch the blender flush when light turns green. A city street is not a Nascar race track. Crackberries-no explanation needed. Drivers on cellphone and crackberries-no explanation needed. Pay attention to the road I hate drama(work, friends,family kinds) I am not a producer of a TV show I don't want to hear it or care. Its called life deal with it. Stop complaining about it here's some cheese for your whine. ERIS
  11. SteamPunk events

    There be a Steampunk Ball at Lunacon ! March 20th 11PM The website has all pertinent information of the event. in Rye, NY ERIS
  12. The economy hits home

    I feel ya! I got wrongfully terminated. long ugly drama. Lets just that after 12 years with the company it had to end. So i'm unemployed, trying to collect un-employment. But i have a hearing on Monday because they are fighting a lousy $519.00 a month. Lucky my hubby has a good job. In retail its horrible, because I live of the hedge fund pirates.When my well off-clients don't spend money its bad. I have a job interview on Friday, but with all the over-qualified responses(how can you be overqualified in operating a cash register?)I have hope that I will get the job. Its bad all over ERIS
  13. I HATE SNOW.......

    As I'm from NYC but now live in New England. Right now its about 46 degrees which is odd. But then again it could snow tomorrow. I nevr know what to wear, but fall foliage when leaves change is amazing. I just hate the fact people here don't like my "its New England its cold and is snows get used to it attitude". If you don't like it move to San Diego or Florida. And always beware of yellow snow. It ain't natural color of snow. ERIS
  14. Color Career Counsellor

    I'm a creator and organizer. go figure. ERIS
  15. Treasure Quest

    I know I love that show. I wonder how they are going to deal with the remains though. I can't wait until next week. ERIS