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  1. Sun King pistol

    ok here is a possibility? Maybe? what if the x part of the ribbon fit under the gun, the ribbon is wrapped up with the ends tied to a belt or sash? Could it then be sort of a sling holster? tightness of the way it was tied could be easily adjusted as needed? As to ribbon being fancy, could be just what the pirate happened to found. Just a off hand suggestion. Ok, I am the first to admit I am probably wrong...
  2. Best Drinking stories.... Ok you gotta read 'em to appreciate 'em...
  3. Coffee in GAOP

    OH, "Milk Coffee" was thought to be greatlly beneficial to anyone with a problem with lungs and therefore was highly suggested to consume at breakfast time. A little note - when the "Tea Tax" was raised to the point of creating the little "Boston Party" The rebels took to coffee as a subsitute and thus Americans love affair with coffee really began...and we think of coffee rather then tea.
  4. Coffee in GAOP

    I have a book entitlted "Early American Beverages" by John Hull Brown. It gives the types of drinks, their recipes and uses in it. There were many types of coffees used and a good many of them listed under medicial purpose. Coffee was thought to "accelerate digestion, correct crudities, removes colic and fatulencience....migrating headaches, cherishes the animal spirits, takes away listlessness and languor, and is serviceable in all obstructions arising from languid circulation. It is a wonderful restorative emaciated constitutions, and highly refreshing to the studious and sedentary. The habitual use of coffee would greatly promote sobriety being in itself a cordial stimulant; it is a most powerful antidote to the temptation of spirituous liquors. It will be found a wlecome beverage to the robust labourer, who would despise a lighter drink. I have receipes for "Acorn Coffee", "Milk Coffee" , "Arabian", "boy's" , and "Turkish" . The text also includes a list of "Substitutes" when coffee itself was not available. OH, yes the book gives some information about the taverns...and yes, some of the information is listed after the GAoP, however it clearly states that these receipes were used for several generations...therefore, I felt comfortable in providing the above information.
  5. Pirate Master & Pyrates Way !!!!

    Oh, I just tried to watch the finale online. It stated that I needed to download a media player. I have two of them on my computer, but it wouldn't connect. So, I still don't know the who or what and curiousity being what it is ...anyone know?
  6. Pirate Master & Pyrates Way !!!!

    yeah, I was a faithful viewer till it disappeared on me. Who won that anyway and what was the fabulous prize that was promised.
  7. favorite pirate punishments yay!

    k, are we talking about what was actually done? Or what tis done to members of your own crew? THAT is a mighty big difference.
  8. favorite pirate punishments yay!

    tie em up dangle em over ta side of ta ship wit the'r toes brush'n ta water and use em for fish bait... here sharkie ...sharkie sharkie...
  9. Pyrate Sketchbooks

    FYI... Got Callenish book this afternoon!
  10. White Indentured slaves/Servants

    my grand mum was an indentured servant from England early 1900's...yeah. I know out of period...but it shows that the servantude was still going strong even after all those years.
  11. Pyrate Sketchbooks

    No problem, though I admit I am anxiously awaiting delivery, I do understand RL holdups. IN the meantime... I have seen some of your posted beautiful and skilled artwork. I just hope that I can do your book justice with my own addition.
  12. Happy Birthday Rumba Rue!

    many blessings to you on your Natal Day.
  13. US Border Agents can seize and retain Laptops

    Just remember once on a computer nothing really is EVER erased. Reason why they can keep it for as long as they deem neccessary. Retrevial of data may take time but even when erased it can be found. The binary code is still imprinted it needs to be sorted but it can be found. Yes it will happen, once on the machine to be scanned they can just pick it up for further testing and if you complain, they just tell you its the law. If you complain too much they can slap handcuffs on you. No riot cause your arse can be just hauled away before you can create a scene. Besides I think that is one reason we have sort of trained to accept it as with the other rules about flights and such. When the reporters ask about whether travelers will accept things you hear "Well, if it will make us safer I guess it is ok" Ie, the new scanners that scan people as they walk through and the scan is like an xray to see under your clothes. So do you think anyone is going to risk bucking the system for someone else's computer? Don't think so not in this day and age.
  14. US Border Agents can seize and retain Laptops

    Note the one sentence in the above report. As part of border search policy, government agents are now authorized to seize electronic devices and inspect documents in them, the document states. The electronic devices might include laptops, cell phones, portable music players or storage devices such as portable hard drives. They can take your cell phone, portable music players or storage devices too. bolding and sizing mine
  15. Many Blessings to Jack Roberts and his Lovely Wife

    congrats to you and your family!