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  1. Hello Everyone!

    Well done, Jenny! I've been out as well, finally back at school, finishing up me junior year. Sigh.

    It worked, allright. But I caught the cheatin' bilgerat the second time. Fun, though
  3. What's yer favorite personal lubricant?

    Very personal, to be sure! Do send, if'n ye finds it! Saucy Kate
  4. The Land Shark's On-Line Naming Party!

    *enters with a big bottle of champagne and a sledgehammer* All the best luck to the proud Land Shark, may my blessings and those of Moet and Chandon go along with ye! *Throws bottle into the air an' smashes it on the way down* *Giggles, covered with bubbles* I like champagne- it tickes me ears!

    Thankee- I did. Whoo boy, did I ever1 Saucy Kate
  6. Saucy Kates Birthday!!!!!

    Thankee, all! I was away from the digital seas over the weekend, but I did have a fine time of it. Twenty-one, after all! And, as we all knew it must be, I have a fine head on me shoulders- Hopped outta bed Sunday mornin, hopped inna some clothes and made breakfast fer all the sick lubbers layin' about the place from the night afore. 'Twere a fine time! Saucy Kate
  7. Black Jacks at a cross road in his life.

    The Tanqueray, mate! It makes me feel like fightin' whilst f**kin' , if ye know what I mean. and when ye drink 'er with tonic, it'll keep away the malaria, an' drop a lime in it to chase away the scurvy! That's what I calls preventative self medication! *hic* *blushes* Now I've gotta find me a man . . .
  8. Pirates for game...

    I'm not far from No. Cali, keep me posted! I've not been cast in anything fer a while, so I'm free (How could a lusty, full-bodied wench like me get cast in a quiet, pensive piece wi' lots of pauses? But it's happened before! *mystified*) Saucy Kate
  9. The Privy Wall

    Royaliste had a run-in with old Johnny Law O'er the lubber a-hangin' at mast, Revenge can be sweet, with some eggs and a saw Finished up with a cannon's loud blast! Violence on privy walls is always justified. Saucy Kate
  10. The Privy Wall

    *scratching with her dagger* The captain were ever so lonesome, Wenchless, he thought he might clone some. Deep in his glasses, He exhausted the lasses: "Who'd have thought he was so bone-some?"
  11. Bumper stickers

    Wow. I need one o' them fer me vessel! Sticker . . .sticker . . .sticker . . .sticker . . .sticker . . .

    I am deeply ashamed.
  13. pirates versus cowboys

    Redd- pirates'll always win out, whether ye can 'salute your fellow gentlemen' or not (Double points and a gold star for the cute eumphemism! ) Cowboys have never been my thing. I live in Idaho. They're about as exotic and exciting as sagebrush and dirt. The question of wise guys versus pirates is more interestin', but my vote still comes down squarely on the side of the pirates. I always wanted to play a mafia wife/girlfriend/member, but it's . . . lacking. Adventure is best served up on the high seas, or an island thereupon.

    Thanks, Coyote- that's the one!