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    Me story: I was the captain of a grand ship called The Prize. Me crew and I went ashore for some much needed leave. We had been drinking for some time when I got asked to join a card game. At the end of the game I lost me ship. Later in a fit of depression. I was playing a game of darts with the owner of the pub. I was doing really well and he kept raising the bet the drunker I got. Finally, he bet his pub. I needed 3 bulls to win. He poured me a double and offered a toast before me turn. I drank up and threw me 3 darts all landing in the center of the bulls eye. Me first mate grabbed up the deed to the pub and put it in safe hands. So, now I'm shipless but own a pub. If me crew ever sobbers up we'll go after me ship. Until then we are the Pyrates of the Pub.
  1. Indy Comic Con

  2. TBT! Just me @ the 2008 PyrateCon hanging out with some PoTC actors.

  3. Alright who shook the snow globe

  4. I think Shawn will be the Red Shirt in this situation.

  5. Having a few pints & giving our Untappd app a workout.

  6. It never ceases to amaze me how mad people get at an employee when it's the company that makes the changes.

  7. Trying out Facebook Paper app.

  8. Family Reunion by P. E. HucksThe little ones Rolling down the hillThe middle ones Laughing with one another The older ones Watching and remembering whenThe family treeExpanding for many generationsThe future brightThe past still alive

  9. I've had a pretty good night. Had a few good beers and a burger at The Sinking ship, then a drink and saw a few friends at The Alley Cat and a few Drinks at Nicky Blains.

  10. Got these in the mail today.

  11. You have a gift -- the gift is the ability to follow your own path, march to the beat of your own drum, and to change the world by following your heart.Listen to yourself, trust yourself, and know that that quiet little voice is full of Divine guidance.You are a unique and amazing creature. Ready, set....go!

  12. Looks like I'm gonna be the only pirate in camp this year at The BucCornEar Festival. Any one wanna come join me? It's a great camping spot and festival!

    1. William Brand

      William Brand

      If I had the money to travel there, I'd support the camp in a heartbeat. Take pictures and be vigilant.

  13. HALLOWEEN is quickly approaching: You're in a HORROR MOVIE: (First 9 people to the left on your profile) NO CHEATING!!!1. Decides the creepy house is safe: Gail Elizabeth Peterson2. Screams like a banshee: Steve Gray3. Scares you as a joke: Brooke Goffinet4. Has sex, gets killed: Rachel Walls5. The first to go insane: Genevieve Laca Westmoreland6. Murdered saving someone: Michelle Eubank Mussoni7. Has your back no matter what jumps out: Eleanor Wright8. Has a solid survival plan no o...