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  1. Just dropped by to say Hi.

    I opted for a plastic boat myself and being as I am usually the only one on board with any sailing experience I may as well be single handing her. All lines run aft to the cockpit and for 39' she's pretty nimble love sailing her and she brings quite a sense of freedom. I just retired so a project boat wasn't to my liking but boats being boats there's always something to do. Blue water capable and all I am lacking right now is a water maker but I do have tankage for 200 gallons of water at the moment. Still pretty warm here so I don't think I'll need to do to much to her for another month, I am hoping anyway. Single handing a cutter rig is definitely worthy of respect, fellers gotta have himself about eight arms. lol Take care Mate and I'm wishing you a mild winter.
  2. What might be thee best time to head fer Key West ? I would imagine not August-November , but other than that what might be the most agreeable time to hit the Keys ?
  3. No Better Place To Be!

    Not overwhelmed but I am weary and tired of the same old scuttlebut and hyperbole on social media , trying to wean meself off of Facebook . Looks like there are a few folks what infrequently frequent the Pyracy pub so perhaps I shall frequent the pub more frequently me ownsef . Spending more time on my little ship the Dengue 2 but when I'm ashore I think I will spend a little more time with you good folks . At least the topics here make more sense, at least they are more fun .
  4. Just dropped by to say Hi.

    Well Coastie04 I has found my smallship , although I am rather fond of a cutter rig , but my masthead sloop is rigged so that I can single hand her . Should get me around where I needs to get , perhaps I'll see you out on the water some day. If yer ever off of Point Roberts call out to the Dengue 2 and perhaps we could share a pint or two somewhere in my neighbourhood .
  5. What does your user name mean?

    Simple... Me name is Crow, just a simple sailor an fisherman with the vocale talents of me namesake, mind ye with the encouragement of a little nectar of sugarcane my tone an vocabulary improves considerably. By my reckoning says I....
  6. W.A.G.-word association game

  7. Thiings has changed some lass since I last checked in, just back in from the pacific and heading out again soon. Nice to see some familiar faces..... Me little ship the Dengue 2 will will be mooring in Washington state in April but from there I have no idea where she'll take me. Faire wynds an followin seas to you Lass .

  8. Just dropped by to say Hi.

    By the balls of Zeus it's been three years since last landfall and I just thoughtI would check in, good to see a few of ye are still cruisin and and living on account . In the market for a small ketch so I might head back out for a little more time out, perhaps another three years? Faire wyndes an followin seas.
  9. Just landed on the hard and thought I'd send a greetin to all them what are left from the old days, Glad to see yer site is still up and runnin and I wish Ye all Faire seas an Followin winds. Crow.
  10. English Harbour would my favourite neat, Kraken would be me second. Pussar's is also a good rum but a lttle on the dry side fer me.
  11. Highland Pirates

    BULLOCKS !!!!
  12. Remember me? XD

    Just made landfall and glad to se that some are still alive an well, Christine good to see that you are still as lovely as ever, just thought that I would drop by and say hello,,, as it were. And by the Balls of Zeus where might me Avatar have gotten to???
  13. to aquire our own ships

    If ye has the coin the HMS Pickle is fer sale not to pricy and big enough fer coastal raiding... err I mean cruising.
  14. Filling in Your Profile Biography

    Crow Older than Christ Himself North of the 49th Just a simple fisherman an sailor Fondness fer women an RUM,,, not nessessarily in that order. Love the sea, the smell of gunpowder, an the taste of rum not nessesarilly in that order. The rest I leaves up to yer imagination.
  15. Best Pirate Phrase Wins

    Avast and heave too you ropeyarn mother pleasers, strike yer colours or they shall be struck for ye.