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  1. The Elissa

    A beautiful ship and a star to sail'r by................thanks
  2. Pirate Pipes

    For those of you who have seen Master and Commander, did you notice the scene below decks where half the crew are smoking pipe's and i didn't see a cap on any, is it accurate ? Did i miss something ?
  3. Masonic Pirates

    would be a pleasure to entertain such as you. Let us know next time you will be in and we'll have a get together.
  4. Masonic Pirates

    i be not a member of the Scottish Rite in Shreveport but belong to everything else. Wish i had known you would be there, we could have met Sunday for lunch. Let us know if youre ever down here in the future.
  5. Happy Birthday Seaskull

  6. 'Appy Berfday, Surlyjane!.....

    happy birthday
  7. Camden, London

    If i remember correctly Ipswich, England (up the coast from London about 60 miles) has some great shops to buy any kind of seafaring garb you can imagine. it's been 10 years since i have been there but it should be about the same.
  8. Pirate Swords

    glad to hear someone passing along the info on commercial sites that don't own up to their wares.....

    actually with only one rooster present, our chickens lay regular and consistantly. I would recommend to anyone at least one rooster be present. Besides, you wouldn't wany to deprive the ladies of anything now would you.
  10. Archers in the Golden Age

    aye, here's to the Mary Rose
  11. Peter Easton, The "Pirate Admiral"

    interesting story. thanks for the entertainment.

    Miss Rosalinda, we take the eggs from chickens every morning in these parts, tis a great service they be provid'n. Taste good scrambled too.
  13. The Mistress

    would make a good dream i think
  14. Favorite BAD Movies

    anybody see a movie called "Nothing but Trouble" with John Candy, Chevy Chase, Demi Moore
  15. newbie crusin to pip...

    I hope a few from our crew here in Luoisiana will make it this year. Any suggestions to make it a memorable trip ?