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  1. -insert cool title-

    update; after my trailer house catching fire, and after a week in a nearby motel (in which we recived a small sloop's worth of donated clothes), a breif 2 weeks in goose creek (just shy of charleston, but nice none-the-less, i intend to go back eventually) it seems that ill be staying in the Kansas City area for a time more. so, while i lost stuff, the things that survived the fire were a significant portion of my books (having already been packed for SC), my imperial sandtrooper stuff (ash-covered, but otherwise untouched), and my hat, dragoon pistol, and boots (also had been packed for SC). the things damaged, that i consider of more important value, as far as i know, are my clothes, bed stuff, and my 2 computers (smoke damage only) so with any luck, and alot of aircans and cleaning up/out later, my comps might be good-off as well. all-in-all, ide say i was quite lucky buckets of rum around the house, on me.
  2. Hey Newbies! Mark Your Spot on the Pub Map!

    mark made
  3. -insert cool title-

    Thank you all for such a spirited welcome, and i prefer both Barbossa and Sparrow, though the former just a bit more than the latter. After all, its easier and arguably much more fun to play villains. .... and yes, another ale would be good. XP
  4. -insert cool title-

    yes, what are bucket boots?
  5. Bay Point Buccaneers

    i can see by the tag of the last post that its been awhile since this topic was shown any life, but it just so happens that im in the market for a entertainment/reenactment crew to sail with and have a somewhat decent costume underway. Now, attire accuracy can improve, but i'de prefer not to be too uptight with the historic details, instead keeping things as fast and loose as possible without going silly with skulls, leathers/feathers, and stripes, as Capt.'s Sparrow and Barbossa have demonstrated. Im 22-ish, willing to learn and eager to get paid, though the latter can be negotiated if circumstances warrant its necessity. location and travel arrangements can be abit problematic, though if the winds are favorable, that may change rather shortly. That being said, im due to arrive in Charleston, S.C. within a month's time or less. Furthermore, it seems that while im telling you abit about myself, there seems to be no information on 'Bay Point Buccaneers' on the net.
  6. -insert cool title-

    been lurking about for abit , and have decided that instead of rum, everyone gets a round of tequila shooters and/or a vodka'ed-up fruit drink of their choice anyway, im rather a fan of pirates, always have been, and shows like POTC add to it, with characters like Sparrow and Barbossa, among others. also, im keen to try my hand at pirate reenacting, and i cant much think of a better place than Charleston, SC. The only thing i haven't decided on, is weather or not to go for all out fantasy (though not to the point of silliness and absurdity), or try to retain a level of realism and accuracy, and if so, how much? questions? comments? keelhaulings?