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  1. Where exactly be pirates?

    Who wrote "Pirates"? 67
  2. Ooooo. A chat room. :-)

    Dudes, Why do I have to scroll over to read every post? Why won't the strong Irish Gale blow the page onto me screen? -67
  3. Methinks me heard once of revelry on Santa Catalina, but should a man be lookin fer another, less nautical place of bacchanalia, what could he find?
  4. Where exactly be pirates?

    Since I live here in San Diego, where the most momentous pirate battle of recent history took place in late January, I started wondering just where pirates were, are, and will be in the future. Didn't Bluebeard bury treasure on the North Carolina Outer Banks? And what's the story with the Barbary Coast in San Fransisco? Did pirates sail around tierra del fuego? Also, how much of the Caribbean was frequented by pirates? And when did that stop (if it in fact ever did)? Where can we find real pirates today? Thailand? Do ATF pirates operate between Florida and Cuba?
  5. What exactly be pirate music?

    Thor's concertina be flat, sittin away in the cabin wit'out music to toot to. Where should a man look to find such a thing? Smee, Thor