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    I like pirates, ye got a problem with that?

    Blame me mu'm, she the one who decked me room out like a captain's cabin an' that be what I grew'd up in. Also me pa fer he built boats when I was but a wee lad. Later they ran off an' joined the carnivals, so I learn ta be a scalawag from the best.

    I like weapons, some that go BOOM, and always sharp shiny ones.

    I work with computers, currently contracted to hire by Xerox, their engineers [I]Need[/I] all the help they can get, this is fer sure! But I also have taught the Microsoft Certification course for a private contact school, an' spent 4 years working third level support at Earthlink before that scalawag Sky jumped ship an' let it go down.

    They call me Mad L cuz, well, cuz many think I be mad, mad as a hatter they say but that only because they never jumped from a perfectly good airplane....over a thousand times. They also call me Mad L cuz I don't much like dogs n' cats, but I like things with scales and teeth, even the venomous ones for they be quit tasty when roasted over an open flame....even bet'r wit rum! They also call me Mad L, well, cuz very few know how to say me sir name properly, so in the military they give up and just call me "Mad L"

    Oh, an' I dabble in the arts, computer 3D arts that be. Thar they all think I be mad, I do me best to make sure they all know I be mad. I have fun run'n amok as a pirate monkey character and makin' the moderators thar go bald. Several times the moderators try ta toss me o'r board, but the crew say will have none o' that now ;\

    So, I like pirates, ye got a problem with that?
  1. How to read Knitting instructions?

    (bloody real-life stuff) Back again, will be keeping a weathered eye out Capt. Trueblood! I am getting near the closing point of my second attempt - this time a nice blend of brown alpaca with black sheep's wool - has a nice feel too, and without the itch!
  2. How to read Knitting instructions?

    Thank ye much Capt Trueblood! I will try that with me next cap - yarn should be here in a week or two (coming this time from UK)
  3. How to read Knitting instructions?

    Ok, my first attempt it complete! Many errors and I had to learn to loosen up a bit for once I got to tapering with the K2TOGs I found I was really strong arming it a bit!! And my loop making on the brim is pretty sloppy - Next time I will nail it with no more missed knits! Also I found a video that discusses proper measuring for fitting - this one I just went by the instructions posted (60 cast ons over three needles) but this 'non historic' tutorial says to first "knit a patch, measure how many knits in an inch and multiply by head size, find nearest integer of four (rounding down)", I am going to try that on my next one. What I haven't figured out is how to do the button when closing it off? This one I just closed up 'beanie' style and then did a bit of cheating with a sail needle to close up some of my mistakes - but this one is not even period yard, just a trail run. Now if I can just get some descriptions of how the 'button' is knitted (I want the 'small' button, not a dorset) Capt Trueblood; that would be GRAND! i find it much easier if I can 'see' it done then trying to figure out from text instructions (I have texting turned OFF on my phone!)
  4. First Monmouth Cap

    From the album Mad L

    My first attempt to knit a Monmouth cap. Many errors and I still have not figured out how to knit the "button" on top. Not accurate yarn either as I just used some cheap Joeann's stuff for my first attempt. But it is warm!
  5. Buckle shoes, the accurate ones

    My two pence on Loyalist Arm's shoes - Best Around! Have had mine now since their first batch and still hanging in strong! As for buckles - I have worn through Three Pair now - shoes last longer then the buckles themselves - and Yes, just e-mail Loyalist, or give them a call and they will send ye a pair of buckles in no time at all (well, about two or three weeks to arrive on the west coast)
  6. How to read Knitting instructions?

    Thank Ye Much! I think I understand be time t' give it a try! Can't cross that great expanse o' water without spilling a bit o' rum!
  7. How to read Knitting instructions?

    Thank ye much Gwen S. But now my question would remain; just what is "Knit 4" "Knit 3" "Knit 2" "Knit 1"? just what is the 'number' indicating?
  8. I have never knitted in my life and I am trying to learn how to read the instructions but after watching some videos and going through various beginer guides I am still a bit fuzzy as to how to interpret some of the instructions: **What does it mean when it says "Row xx to yy: Knit" verses "Row x: Knit 4" (and then Knit 3, Knit 2, etc?) - I believe it is reducing the size, but does that some how mean 'skipping" some? - also what does the "Repeat" at the end of some steps mean? are you 'repeating the K2tog step or the entire row? example: Rows 21-45: Knit Row 46: Knit 4, k2tog; repeat Rows 47-49: Knit Row 50: Knit 3, k2tog; repeat Rows 51-54: Knit Row 55: Knit 2, K2tog; repeat Row 56-58: Knit Row 59: Knit 1, K2tog; repeat
  9. Smell Like a Pirate

    I understand that Putrified Bear Fat is good for keeping away bugs - they say it smells real bad but it smells even worse to bitting bugs But personnaly I LIKE the smell of Stockholm Tar, I use it on all my rope work and occasionaly even make a stain or two in me clothes just for added measure.
  10. Norcal 2012

    AVAST Capt'n Orderlesseye! I Can See NorCal Upon Th' Horizon! - UNFURL TH' T'GALLENT, MAN THEM LINES! HOIST THAT JIB! IT BE A ROVEN' WE GO NOW!!
  11. Gambling Markers?

    I am seeking further information on a story I recently heard about: Pirate Gambling Markers A recent documentary (some times also docu-mockery) about the search for the sunken remains of The Fiery Dragon has turned up what they say is a "Gambling Marker". They told that they were "first found at the site of The Whydah" and now half way around the world in Madagascar in a wreckage belived to be that of The Fiery Dragon. The gambling marker is described to be about the size of a postage stamp and bears an 'X' on it; one picture they showed indicates there may be other marking on the opposite side, perhaps that of a coin. The area indicates that the newest one found is from around 1712. They stated that these 'gambling markers' are "Known exclusively to Pirates" - it was said "Since gambling for money was forbbin on ship, to avoid temptations and throat slittings, pirates would use these markers in their games to represent the money they would be paid once on land". As they say these markers where found upon The Whydah and now also upon The Fiery Dragon, I thought I could find further information about their useage, values, etc - but so far nothing has turned up. Anyone else heard this story, anyone been able to track down further information on these Gambling Markers and their use in game?
  12. AVAST! Bout time one o' ye blaggards open th' door fer me! Been knock'n fer moths I have been! Well, now that I have said me greets - HELLO - I must swaggar down fer t' attend some business here...
  13. Yer Pyratical Art...

    Aye, I can add one fer this har 3D thread! Just finished this one this morn: "A Buccaneer's Last Resort"
  14. Last Resort

    From the album Mad L

    A Buccaneer's LAST RESORT

    © Jeffrey MadL (aka Mad L)

  15. Queue (hair) Wrappings?

    Ok, so it would appear that wigs, tails, bag wigs, and bows did appear during the GAoP, just so far none specifically depicted on a "common sailor"...but then since when was a 'pirate' a 'common sailor'? As I recall it has been stated that Pirates enjoyed mocking, mimicking, and simply thumbing their nose at "gentlemen" and at royalty....I don't recall any images of pirates wearing silk, lace, and other refineries yet we know they stole them and of course would not have them long once they made safe port somewhere, but until then or should they need to come ashore in less-then-friendly ports, would it not make reason that if they so wished then they would wear them? Also I had read long ago, not "sailor lore" per-se, but speaking of common landlubber folk that those who could not afford a wig would sometimes attempt to grow their own 'tail' (queue, whatever). It seems to me that to search for "images" or even writings of EVERY conceivable concept of a "pirate at sea" (or on land for that matter) would be a search in vain. Simply because most writings and images would be done to not put too much emphasis on mocking the royalty, but rather to make them look evil, disgusting so as not to offend the king (queen, monarch, etc). I know I would not want to be the editor of a parchment and image that made a loathsomely pirate appear more grandeur then the king!! But we do know Calico Jack was quite the dandy, and others had what about Captain Kidd, did he dress as a "common" sailor? Then what about the thousands of other pirates, some that perhaps vanished before even falling under the British Navy's radar....if there were queues Before the GAoP and queues After the GAoP as well as queues on "gentlemen" During the GAoP......hmmmmmmm **oh, and as far as my original post, where I asked about "a specific style..." - twas a starting point mate, lighten up fer I am seeking the 'method of', and that be that....aye, I still be seeking the how to fer wrapping me queue (without use o' tar, just the cloth) so it stays put on an active day.