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  1. Pirate/Firefly t-shirt

    Great! Thankee mate!
  2. Pirate/Firefly t-shirt

    I was just wondering. I paid for 2 shirts, but never received them. Was the entire order canceled or are we just on hold? McDrago~
  3. the first of many pistols for sale

    I think we definatly need to get together once i start producing thes blunderbuses. right now I only have 4 prototypes, 1 full size i shrot buss 1 pistol, and one duckbill pistol. but these are prototypes Beggin' yer pardon cap'n; but be that bee-utiful green hilted cutlass fer sale????
  4. Pistol for sale

    I could use the 11-12 ones as they runs a little small. Normally I wears an 11, but If'n they will fit me feet. What size be your feet mate? Twas about to order a pair of them from Mary, but since ye are needin' the money, I be glad ta help yerself an meself too!
  5. Period style items in mainstream places

    Nay lass, but tis close enough. I highly modified mine with black plastic strips and hand made yellow bubble glass.
  6. Pirates for CHOC 2009...

    *Ducks flying crockery* I beg yer pardon lasses, I just reports 'em as I sees 'em. We came at the same time last year, so's I compared the two o' 'em based on that. Likes I said at the end, "No offense ta those who did this here event, I'm dead certain ya did yer best." I meant that. I spoke w' several folk, who told me that thing were much better earlier in t th' day. Most of us workin' pirates caint come til after we gets back ta' port. I clean forgot 'bout Big Bear. P'haps this should be set when there are no other events running concurently [means at the same time]. This hasn't put me or me crew off o' comin' again. Finally, I apologise again fer any unintended insults. I KNOW ya did yer best.....I still enjoyed the time we spent, even if it weren't as much fun as last year. I was more thinkin' bout the newbies I had brought, who left after a few minutes, cause there weren't nothin' goin' on that they could participate in. With few vendors and [to some], the wrong kinda music, hardly any POTC characters left by then, they were disapointed. I had built 'em up so much bout last year, I guess it be my fault. Goin' futher me lady Capn' says she will try and promote this at her work next year and I will post about this more vigoriously on the boards I post on. Maybe that will be of some help. We well be here next year fer certain. Anyway, can ya forgive this ole pirate, who maybe shoulda kept his big mouth shut! ~McDrago~
  7. Aye laddie. Thar be laces in t'back, but I already had 'em all t'way closed. Nar, I did'n let them washer wimmen soak me. So's that weren't t'problem. Anyways they be better now. Sulterjon made me a new belt so that helps too. Dropped anchor at 3 events in the past month and yer weren't at none o'them. Bad luck...says I. Yer werent' at CHOC Pirates this year neither....Ya didn't miss much, I warrant. Read me post on how it were. Will ye be setting sail fer Belmont Pier for the Pirate Days? If so, I will be a droppin' anchor there on Saturday. ~McDrago~ I still has somethin' fer ya.
  8. Pirates for CHOC 2009...

    Since no swab or lass has scribed a review of said event, I guess it fall ta me. Me lady Cap'n works for CHOC through another medical facility and she had one question. Neither this year nor last year was anyone at her office told about this event. Was CHOC not sending flyers to thier partner companies? I guess not....then on w' the story. I said we would be arrivin' at about 6 bells, but ye knows wenches [Yeah, I saw that sword fight an' I ain' afeared o' no lass but me Cap'n! Cause she be knowin' where I bunks.] and they always be late...Aye late, but worth the wait says I. Anyways, we arrived about 7 bells and I was shorely disappointed w' it as oppossed to last year. I even brough a couple o' mates, at cutlass point tis true, and they left [escaped] since twasn't much goin' on. There were only 3 vendors and a band. Whilst the band was good enough fer modern pirates, I was a hopein' fer more piratey music. The vendors, whilst nice enough [winsome wenches and old sea dogs] with a few really good prices on some pirate gear, only 2 were selling this type o' stuff. The third was a sellin' seat covers! The auction had been in the bar last year with quite a few items fer bid, me lady and I won a brunch at Marie Calanders, but this year twas outside. These were so well hidden [although in plain sight] that I ne'er even saw 'em till twas too late. Me purse was empty anyways. The sword fight was the highlight o' the evening, but twas too short..... but fun whilst it lasted. We set sail fer our home port afterwards. We musta have missed the most o' the stars from POTC, but did get to see and have drinks with a few last year. I had heard that the entire block was supposed to be roped off fer more vendors this time. I guess I had based me hopes on last years event, which thisn' weren't half that good. Lots o' pirates showed up though, but they mostly spent time hangin' w' thier mates a drinkin' an conversin' as it were. We likewise were lookin' forward to that as well, but we couldna find a single pirate we knew ceptin we did see one o' our mates [from the OC pirates meetup] there, but we weren't able to find him again in all the crowd. Funny how all pirates look pretty much alike....LOL Anyways, at least it wasn't sunk [cancelled], but I hopes next year will be better given more publicity and that maybe there will be more loot [vendors] and a few o' our other mates. No offense ta those who did this here event, I'm dead certain ya did yer best. ~McDrago~
  9. Well, I gots me pants...finally! Linen o' course. Yep, lined too. Fits me perfect, 'cept at Southern Faire, whilst running down the isles bein' chased by washer wimmen, me foine new pants almost dropped ta the tops o' me bucket boots! Not good! I had ta finallly add some new waist adjusment holes in the back o' me pants and then the problem was fixed. Here is a pic o' meself an me Cap'n at Cutthroats o' Corona....I be wearing said pants:
  10. Period style items in mainstream places

    Wallie World [Walmart] They have 2 sizes of large black lanterns. The smaller is $20 and perfect for night events. They are black painted iron and look great! You could put candles or oil lamps inside them and they have glass windows and a door that allows easy access. I modified mine with yellowy bubble glass from a glass shop and put a partially dismantled battery powered lamp inside. Looks mighty shipworthy!
  11. Pirates for CHOC 2009...

    I be setting sail ta arrive in port around 6 bells or so. Me lady Capn' and me sister will be a comin' as well. See ya there!
  12. Pirate/Firefly t-shirt

    That sounds good. Sending you a paypal.
  13. Pirate/Firefly t-shirt

    What sizes do these fantastic shirts come in? I need a 2X.
  14. Your Garb

    Me Cap'n and meself at Cutthroats of Corona...... Dragon meets McDrago at Southern Faire....... Me lady at Southern Faire...... Me sister at Cutthroats of Corona.....
  15. You in yar garb.

    Me Cap'n and meself at Cutthroats of Corona...... Dragon meets McDrago at Southern Faire....... Me lady at Southern Faire...... Me sister at Cutthroats of Corona.....