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  1. Pirates: Legends and Lore at The Petaluma Museum: The Museum here in Petaluma CA is hosting a Pirate exhibit starting September 16. The exhibit opens at 6PM. There will be a musician playing nautical tunes and a rum company will be serving punch. Come and see the exhibit and make new friends and share a mug of punch.
  2. Pirates, Outlaws of the Seas

    I was browsing through videos at the library when I found this. It had some fairly good background on men like Kidd and the like. The section on Anne Bonney and Mary read was differant in that they where not portayed by the typical hollywood types but by very plain and even homley actresses. The best part was a section that was made up of trailers for Pirate movies from the 40's and 50's, Black Swan, Treasure Island and such. They don't make them like that any more! Morever it seemed that about half of them starred Maureen O'Hara as "The Firey Redhead" who drove men crazy. The Video was not the greatest, a lot of stock footage, but it was worth the price(free).
  3. Shooting Blanks?

    What is the safest and best way to fire a weapon with no projectile? Do you use a paper wad or nothing at all? I have a pistol and a blunderbuss.
  4. Pirate Golf

    I volunteer for the Papa Murphy Hospice Classic golf tournament. This year the Tournament takes place on 9/19, otherwise known as Talk Like A Pirate Day. I have suggested to the director that we have a Pirate theme to one of the sponsor holes. We could have Captain Morgan rum or something similar for the golfers. I would appreciate any suggestions from forum members to make this a real TLAP party. I have the beginnings of an outfit and a Jolly Roger flag. This is an oppurtunity to introduce a lot of people to Pirates
  5. Cutthroat Island weigh in

    I to Wallyworld yesterday and low and behold there was a copy of CI in the $5 bin. I saw this in the theater and didn't think it was all that bad. I think I mostly liked looking at Geena Davis with all that firepower hanging on her. I'm looking forward to watching it this weekend.