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  1. FTPI 2012

    But William, you'll ruin your girlish figure!
  2. Things Overheard at FTPI/PiP 2011

    I have one, and I hate to admit the words came out of my mouth... "Your unit is much nicer than mine" Try to guess the context (null)
  3. FTPI Website

    Mission, you did an outstanding job, and you efforts (and patience) are greatly appreciated. The site looks great. especially the photos of me.......
  4. FTPI - After Thoughts

    FTPI reflections Well here I sit, still in KW stuck due to weather. The extra day gave me some time to think back over last weekend and try to condense my thoughts. I've never been one for long drawn out postings so I will try to be brief, and most likely fail. The end of this event is always met with a sense of loss. It always feels like a piece of me is missing as I load up and head North. This whole year I got to see first hand the amount of work that goes into pulling this festival off. Lily and Mama we all owe you a huge debt of gratitude, your dedication and hard work made it all possible. To all who set up camps, thank you for your patience with me as I was in no way ready to be responsible for camp set up, but with all our help, the whole thing came together an looked great. Spike & Crispy, thank you for letting me work your mortar crew, and spike your piece as I deserted. William, hearing you swear at us as your flag went up for auction is a memory I'll treasure forever. Diosa, keep that demon beast in your bosom, lest it tear someones throat out. CJ thanks for picking me up and getting me where I needed to be. Harry, it will always be an honor to serve under you on a gun crew. Shay, what can I say, you are the best, I haven't eaten a meal like that in years, and you hauled it in a 90 year old car. Doug from Searle's, save me some of that pocket food for next year. Poppa, can't wait to see the pics from this year, you either need to take fewer pics or get more minions to rotate them so you can get some sleep. Jai you did the dirty work, and made us all look good. Cap, I can't say how much I appreciate the hours you put in on the suit, even though you didn't have the time to spare. Silkie & Galen, having you two for the long drive got us here safe. Be, the closing was wonderful as always, great idea going with water to make sure all were included. And to all those I forgot to mention, none of it would have happened without you. Looking forward to next year E O'K P.S. Deadeye, I cannot thank you enough for making my friends feel so welcome in your home, you are a fine, fine man.
  5. "Stop scraping up my pog parts"-Lily Alexander
  6. FTPI Encampment Info 2010

    Shorter watches, how am I supposed to get any sleep this year?
  7. ground cloths

    Capn' Rob - You and M'lady Patricia are of one mind, though she prefers Hampton Inn. Jas. Hook I heartily agree, although I am a Marriott man meself, the breakfast buffet is better.
  8. New sea cheast

    Thank you all for your kind words. The front and back are slanted at a 7* angle and dovetailed into the sides. The mortised locks came from the local Woodcraft store, and the hinges are from American Heritage Crafters (great resource). The simple beckets are 3/4" hemp line with a half hitched wrap, and the cleats are oak and attached with rose head cinch nails. I hope it serves you well Master William. Your humble carpenter E O'K
  9. New sea cheast

    Well I have finally finished Mr William Redwake's sea chest. All 1" thick, wide pine boards, with poplar runners. The finish is milk paint. I just wish I could do better beckets. Now to figure out how to ship it.....
  10. New Toys!

    Just stumbled across some new carpentry tools today, well new to me anyway. Should come in handy finishing up latest project.
  11. What's your day job

    OK how's this one, I am an NRC licensed Reactor Operator at nuclear power plant in NY. So your government trusts me with a 1775 MW nuclear reactor. Yes I have heard the Homer Simpson jokes, and yes they are all accurate. I also like going low tech when I get the chance.
  12. my (unfinished) kit

    Top notch! Very nice work mate. I was looking ta craft somethin like this prior to PIP 2009. With flyin in and all, I punted on a lot of stuff and bartered fer a lightweight nylon hammock ta get by. twas the first time I ever closed mine eyes on a hammock - sure beats a cot. been meanin' to get back to this work tho, and you just might have provided the inspiration with those pics... Thank ye Sir! If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a line. Always happy to help out.
  13. Number one rule...No matter how responsible he looks, never hand your pistol to a monkey.
  14. Latest project

    Order? What order?
  15. Latest project

    Pics of the sleepin hammock are available here..... http://pyracy.com/index.php?showtopic=16834&st=30&gopid=385737entry385737 now get off my butt Mad Dogge.