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    Member of The Bone Island Buccaneers - Pressed into service as ships shanty and distiller of spirits.<br /><br />I'm a singer and songwriter with a love of folk music, especially nautical songs (my grandfather was a Navy man and I myself served as a Quartermaster in the USN for 6 years)<br /><br />I've been acting since I was 7, my mother was a professional actress and singer and got me involved in the theater at an early age. RE-ENacting is a fairly new thing for me. I have a few years under my belt but am working my way towards history (PC) I've always had a great love for historical fiction. I truly love being able to create my own persona and more so I love being able to weave her story into the drama of history. What fun, What a way to learn!! Thats the major reason why I'm drawn to re-enacting, I learn so much about history and so much about myself through my characters....not to mention I like being a big KID playing dress up, and sharing in all the laughter with my wacky friends!!! <br /><br /><br />.
  1. Dear...Where Have You Been!!!

  2. Hello Nell! Do tell Andrew hello. I hope your and Chrispy are fairing well these days!

  3. Port Washington Pirate Fest '09

    MD you plan to be at Blackbeards right?
  4. Happy Birthday! Rusty Nell

    Awweee thanks honey..... You knew I'd check the pub today didn't that I FINALLY have some time off I know I've been away from the pub a bit lately, I've missed you all. I've been busy working. ...get it while ye can I aye! I LOVE YA's ALL!! you blackhearted blithers!! XOXOXOXOXO
  5. Ebay commercial: reenactors

    OMG -- hahaha!!
  6. It's a Diamond Birthday!

    ARGH! I missed it.... so sorry I missed it but know we were thinking of you just the same. We can't be within a mile of the Fort and not think of you. MUCH MUCH LOVE Ms Diamond! Nell
  7. Nell He doesn't know. He can leave the picture there, as most folks won't bother to go look and if they do, odds are they won't give a damn if Sterling is in it... so most won't look

  8. a juicy red delicious apple
  9. W.A.G.-word association game

    sucks BOOOOO!
  10. Nautical terms

    And who are you??? The grinder
  11. Pyrate Comix Comments

    LOL --- you already are fun size
  12. Queen Anne Pistols with Belt Hooks

    OMG I missed this when it went around..... LOL... poor Mary ROFL.... I got excited when i first saw it too
  13. Pyrate Comix Comments

    Hey... wait a minute......isn't there some kind of a spokesman fee due.... being his wife...I'm always happy to act as his agent, I'll cut you a deal....uhhh lets say 20%...thats the going rate these days..... and even better you can pay me....I mean him in chocolate...
  14. Nautical terms

    Ok so I counted.... are you callin me a monkey!!! LOL!! ok... well... sometimes I am.... eeee ooooo oooo eeee eeee ooo ooo eeee
  15. Nautical terms

    which one are you refering to?