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    I'm seriously thinking about joining up with you all at this festival - if my good fortunes hold out through the end of this year.
  2. HMS Bounty in L.A.?

    I am active on another board and someone there assumed I knew about a place called the HMS Bounty in L.A. - a bar. Has anyone heard of it, is it worth bothering with and where is it located?
  3. Pirate Crew Activities

    Jamaica and Capt. William, so the cannonball is just rolling along the water surface? it seems if it is rolling along it would not be very effective once it hit. I must obviously be wrong but I am having a hard time picturing it doing the damage. Would be interested in contacting some black powder groups here in So. Calif. if there are any to hook up with. :)

    I just watched the Steve Reeve's Morgan the Pirate last night. Appears to be a historically accurate (or at least trying to be as I am no historian) version of Morgan marching across Panama and taking Panama by surprise from behind. Anyone seen this film? The actors voices seemed to be dubbed in as if they are speaking another language; costumes are pretty good but Steve Reeves is wearing a duck tail 1950s hair do ala the Fonz through the whole thing and the love interest has a boufant! They show a guy getting quartered (well not all the of the gorry details). Absolutely attrocious! I don't think the movie explained very well the successfulness of Morgan or the greatness of the march across Panama but then again the main part of this movie revolves around his love interest so what can you expect.
  5. Pirate Crew Activities

    Somewhere on this bulletin board someone posted about their group being a pirate group into black powder. I can't seem to find it now. Would like to talk to them. I think they said something like they've got 4 cannons between them. Where the heck can you go firing off a cannon other than at one of these tall ships festivals?
  6. If you were there

    My first thought was to bring penecillan or some type antibiotic but then I have to bring a hyperdermic needle (so that is 2 items possibly?) So barring that one, the one thing that might make most voyages more tolerable would be some food preservative - I don't like the idea of moldy food. If that is no good, I opt for some dramamine as I tend to get a little sick on the water. Lastly I might bring just "RID" with me as I don't enjoy the idea of all those bugs hopping on me either!
  7. Dammed quiet in this'ere pub!

    YOu know it is quiet when it lists me as a top poster for today and I didn't even post today! I posted yesterday but no one answered. This pub is going to fizzle out if we don't get some interesting discussions going.
  8. This is pretty outrageous, truth or fiction?

    My husband gave me this information supposedly posted to the following website: I went to the link and cannot find any reference to this author or book, so I did a search at and found it listed there: Does anyone care to comment on the truth or fallacy of the book? Has anyone read the book? What about this author being an expert on pirates? Burg, Barry R. Sodomy and the Pirate Tradition. English Sea Rovers in the 17th Century Caribbean.. (Book date given is in 1984) Sodomy and the Pirate Tradition: English Sea Rovers in the Seventeenth-Century Caribbean by New York University Press Catalog: Book Media: Paperback Author: Barry R. Burg This book is very indepth in explain how pirates would survive on long journies abroad by sleeping nude three to a bunk like spoons. With the weather conditions, that was their only means of survival. It makes one understand that sodomy was part of their lives, as they usually had several male lovers aboard the vessel. The chapter on hot racking was especially revealing, considering 90% of all pirates engaged in that. This is a very good book about pirates and their lifestyles and I would recommend it to anyone. Ahoy me fine salty sailors. If ye be lookin for gripping adventure on the high seas, this be the book for ye. It hoisted me mizzen mast and shivered me timbers, Yar! If you've ever wondered exactly what to do with a drunken sailor, this is the book for you. The author, Barry Richard Burg is a great expert on seamen and it really shows through. I was dissapointed to find that the nautical phrase "a three days blow" didn't mean what I thought it did, but the author's loving descriptions of how these pirates would oil each other up with whale blubber and lash each other with the cat o' nine tails more than made up for it. I'm tempted to go summon my cockswain, rent "The Pirate Movie", then kick back and mourn the passing of the days when burly pirates would start their day by opening the seacock and pumping furiously. Customers who bought titles by Barry Richard Burg also bought titles by J. K. Rowling -- coincidence? I think not. BRAVO!!
  9. A Good Tricorn

    Who makes a good quality tricorn? I live in L.A. and buy alot on the internet so a local or internet store is fine. Thanks in advance.
  10. By way of introduction

    Aye, I'm a new lass to piratin.' Now I be buried in a lot of readin matter from the NGQ rogues (back issues) an books 'bout the history of pirating, etc., with no frock er even a tricorn to me name. But I'm out here in checkin in so ye know I be seaworthy in not too long an be lookin' fer a crew to set sail with from salty Glendale California. Also been busy gettin me home tavern ready - to host any thirty skallywags that come by or even thro' a party soon. I specialize in Rum concoctions. Hope to set sail soon!