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    I hear a dream all day,
    The dream that calls to me...
    Come home again,
    Home again to the sea.

    Love to my sister Brig and her husband Amanjiria for letting me traipse along with them on many piratical adventures, and to the Archangels for being their wonderful selves.
  1. Good morning! I use ash when doing laundry for period events. The process is explained here:
  2. Happy Birthday to the Three Twins

    Thank you very much! Older and wiser...or maybe just older...
  3. Merry Christmas to All!!

    Wishing you all the Merriest of Christmases!
  4. FTPI Roll Call 2013

    Mae, Archangels. Y'all have a whole year to save up your dirty drawers!
  5. FTPI 2012 - Photos

    Captain Jim, these are beautiful. Really captures the beauty of the event.
  6. FTPI 2012 - Photos

    I hope so too, Animal! It was such a great year...already looking forward to the next one.
  7. A few pics from another amazing year at FTPI. Missing it already.
  8. Happy birthday to the twins!

    Haha...thank you all very much! Missing our pirates.
  9. Mae

    From the album Mae

  10. FTPI 2011

    From the album Mae

  11. hampton blackbeard festival 2012, june 1-3

    So glad you're all safe...hope to never get a call like that from Brig again.
  12. Hey....we DID make it in time for the parade! What happened after that is another matter.
  13. 2011 F.T.P.I. photo thread

    Great shots, DB! Can't wait to see the rest.