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    Redd has returned! I'm interested in theater, blackpowder, sailing, pyracy, art, painting, magic and juggling....whew!
  1. Discover your Pirate Name

    My boss did it...his name was: Yellow Butt Willy
  2. Discover your Pirate Name

    LOL My porn name is Jim Blacklock
  3. Discover your Pirate Name

    Grey Finger Jim?
  4. Boots..

    ARRR! I too be lookin' fer boots....and yes, Petee, I already checked The boots I be lookin' fer are an earlier version of the classic "pirate boot". These be called "Buckets", and they have the large flap of leather that fits over the top of the foot like a stirrup. Okay..this be a picture of the toy...but jus' look at its feet mates! I've seen the suede "musketeer boot", but I'm hopin' ter find something "non-suedey". Perhaps a place that sells them in smooth cowhide? ARRR!
  5. Movie Pirates

    Aye, thank ye all fer the kind words. I'll be happy ter fill ye in on the "where's" and "what's" of me gone-itude in another forum. T'ain't pretty...but I still be alive! Yarr!
  6. Movie Pirates

    Why have a take on the world when I kin' take the whole dern thing? HA-HARR! But thank ye fer the kind words...arrr!
  7. Movie Pirates vote be fer Robert Newton as Long John...he gave us modern pirates the "Aaarrrrrt" of "pirate speak".
  8. Me youngest mate requests garb...where to look?

    Hmm...well..thar always be thrift store modifications. Find clothes that look like they can be easily modified into a more "period" piece...and then modify (or have someone handy with a thread and needle modify) them. That way, yer easier on yer doubloons. I'm workin' on a waistcoat made from an old 80's style, cotton blazer. By the time I'll be through with it, it'll have a nice "well used" look.
  9. W.A.G.-word association game

  10. W.A.G.-word association game

  11. Sid Meier's Pirates! on sale

    Bloody 'ell! ANother piratey game that's goin' ter swallow up me life!
  12. Peter Pan

    I've said it' I'll say it again... "BLAST THE PAN FER ALL HIS SALT!! LONG LIVE CAP'N JAS. HOOK!"
  13. W.A.G.-word association game

  14. W.A.G.-word association game

  15. W.A.G.-word association game