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  1. Finding Your Pirate Name

    I located this post over in Beyond Piracy, posted by Capt. Morgan (April 20, 005) and thought that it would be of help to the new people here. It's a short quiz kind of thing. Try it out, for those who are having a hard time trying to think of a name for themselves. My Pirate Name or if you aren't happy with that one, try this one: Pirate Name Generator
  2. sail colors

    Now here's an interesting question for you history buffs. Is there a reason why some ships had red sails? (There are some tall ships here on the west coast that do also) RumbaRue **I've hoisted that, I've hoisted this, but the best hoist is above the waterline**
  3. As a long time vendor at pirate and nautical events, first and foremost be sure you have something that no one else has or even has a similar facsimile. You'd be surprised how many people selling jewelry and costumes look a lot like everybody else's out there. I make sure my jewelry doesn't look like anyone else's either at an event or even on line. Be sure and check very carefully. Costumes sell only if very reasonably low price. Most people who visit are not going to shell out even a couple hundred bucks to look the part. Another thing about costumes - capes and bodices need a lining and true metal boning for quality! Booth prices vary depending on what event you are doing, here in Calif. you can expect to pay $150.00 to 3 to 400.00 for weekends for local events. Forget the big Renaissance Pleasure Faire in San Bernadino, CA. you will be paying into the thousands and will never make your money back! And the most important thing, don't try to make a living out of selling, you'll be highly disappointed, keep your day job. Yes I do belong to Pirates of Treasure Cove and even though I may be vice-president, I'm hardly playing with them as I am in my booth. I do 'boothing' because right now it's difficult for me to participate fully with them due to medical problems. I think if I could I wouldn't be selling as much as I'd rather be playing. Rumba Rue
  4. I have changed a lot over the last few years since leaving this site. Not the same anymore, pain, several surgeries and more have changed me. I am no longer a rousing person that gets people angry at me, I rarely say much anymore these days as I believe now let the doubloons fall where they may.

  5. Hi, I'd like to pass on some helpful information. There is no rule saying you must fill out your bio, and there is no rule saying you have to post here in The Crow's Nest first. You can post in any forum you want. However if you do fill out your bio, it lets members know who you are. We love to see pictures of members (especially in garb), as it's always nice to put a face to the post. We do understand if you have privacy issues at hand and don't want to give out information, that be perfectly fine. Humbly yours, Rumba Rue
  6. Tis a shame that this board has gone PC for all the east coasters. Notice how most of the west has left?

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    2. Silver


      i have also noticed an overall change here. the historical technical posts have deminished. it seems to be mostly chat or sales.

    3. Rumba Rue

      Rumba Rue

      This use to be a fun place to be. But the fun is gone and now all that's left is same ol' stuff. Not very creative or even fun.

    4. William Brand

      William Brand

      If you have time to whine and complain about something then you have the time to do something about it. ~Anthony J. D'Angelo

  7. Sad News

    Though I did not know him, tis a sad loss for sure.
  8. Happy Birthday Rumba Rue!

    Ah friend, don't worry, I haven't dropped off the planet (though I'm sure some would like it). Thank you so much for the birthday wishes. **Update on hip surgery: Got a surgery date of Sept.22 - thanks to a cancellation.
  9. Happy Birthday Rumba Rue!

    Thank you Silent....course it's hard to be silent when speaking. LOL!
  10. Happy Birthday Rumba Rue!

    Thank you Bess, you look so authentic in your garb!
  11. Happy Birthday Rumba Rue!

    A little birdie told me to come here, so I have. First thank you all for the birthday wishes. It's nice to know who my friends are, bless you. Second, let me tell you what has happened to me: I fell badly back on June 3, and tore a muscle in my right knee. On top of that, I now have bone on bone hip situation that needs surgery. My wonderful surgeon can't get me for surgery for hip replacement (the right side) until the end of October because she's so booked up on surgeries! As it is now, I have a tremendously hard time trying to walk due to extreme pain and kinking up in my hips. Sadly I will be missing out on pirate events until after I have surgery. So no Ojai for me and no Escondido faire, bummer. But next year I hope to be doing the happy dance! Bless you, Rumba Rue
  12. It's sad to say, that this website has gone completely PC and become also an eastcoaster's message board.

    It really sucks.

  13. Again: As you can see I've been replaced. So be it. I won't be coming back here anytime soon.

  14. It's that time again for the spring Escondido Ren-faire with a Pirate Flair. Course they know there's different time periods, but nobody cares just so long as the paying public is happy. I'm suppose to sell my wares, but I've had a bit of an accident: Last night Gilligan bit me hard just under my lower lip and now my lower lip and half my lower jaw are swollen badly. I'm sitting here having to drink my coffee with a straw! My lower lip is so swollen that liquid just flows right back out trying to drink out of a cup. Although this is funny in a bad way, I look like Botox gone bad (seriously!) I'm not for putting myself out to the public the way I currently am. Rumba
  15. Escondido Renaissance Fair w/ Pirate Flair

    WOW! The faire was PACKED today. Vendors doing well, and I most certainly did! Last day tomorrow and the weather has been absolutely gorgeous and warm.
  16. Going off the grid

    That's too bad Bo. I do have your address, so I'll try and keep in touch with you that way, though not much of a letter writer. Just remember, we're the best port in the storm, so if you ever get back on line, come back for a good tot of rum and fun. Rumba Rue
  17. PLUNDER...

    I found a couple of awesome ship plates from Franklin Mint, limited editions at a thrift store for two dollars each. I have four ship plates from the Danbury Mint, rare finds, got the four for twenty-one dollars from a thrift store a few years back. I LOVE THRIFT STORES! You find the best stuff in them!!!
  18. Embroidered stays

    Amazing what you can do with those nifty embroidery machines. I want one! I want one!
  19. To Red-Handed Jill

  20. Happy Birthday to my Rogette Wife, Ransom

  21. Welcome to the Pub! I just love frog legs cooked with butter...
  22. hello pyrates :D

    Welcome to the Pub and good luck with your research.
  23. Land locked and going mad!!

    If you ever travel west, make sure you go to the September Ojai Pirate Faire inland from Ventura north of Los Angles. It's the best pirate faire so far on the west coast.

    May you enjoy all the riches that you have found. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
  25. Land locked and going mad!!

    There's plenty of people here in your situation. However some travel to where the festivals are. I know there's a Renfaire in Colorado (happen to see a sign for it when passing through Delores/Pagosa Springs two years ago)but as of yet know of no pirate events there in your state. Oh and welcome back to the pub!