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  1. which axe will i wear today

    I love me axes! :)
  2. New Cutlass

    Looks good to me! Looks like you dug it up!
  3. FTPI Roll Call 2012

    How come all the smelly ones end up in the fort? Darn it I am giving in. One way or another I want to camp this year for atleast a few of the nights.
  4. Any pubbers coming to Fells Point this year?

    1. Mission


      I'm going, but I'm not wearing any garb other than my hat. My sister and her husband live there so I'm flying in and we're going to go down and check it out on Saturday.

    2. 1stMate Matt

      1stMate Matt

      Cool. See you there! Not much to check out this year seeing that they cut the camp out, but its a fun drink fest if that's your kinda thing.

  5. Knee Guns and Boxlocks

    Where is mine? Purpleheart!
  6. Things I haven't done at PiP

    Darn...why do I always miss all the fun stuff?
  7. I like your work a lot and I always enjoy progress pictures. On this one though there is something odd about how the handle meets the pommel. Perhaps a bit more taper in the handle or a larger pommel would go a long way. Thanks for sharing and please feel free to share these in the weapons section. Share stuff here that is for sale :)
  8. Boarding Dagger

    It has been awhile since I shared anything so I fugred this little dandy was right up your ally. This is an upgraded boarding dagger. It is based off of our new production 18" boarding dagger blade. hand forged guard with hand ground shell, antiqued ash handle, faceted acorn pommel and a brass pommel nut. See more here : http://www.imakeswor...rdingdagger.htm
  9. Sword on Flag Question

    Yea, it's backwards. Silly story...I used to be so upset that the Capt Morgans logo had the same issue that I used to write in and complain all the time...years later I met Don Maintz and found out he was the designer of the logo. I consider him a friend these days and I have still yet to tell him.
  10. 2011 Results / Picture Thread

    I might have to write me a blog... Dont trust Diosa!!! Inside trader she is!
  11. Happy Natal Dat to 1stMate Matt

    Thanks mates! Tippin one to all of you tonight!
  12. Neptune's Trident

    Just thought I would bump this to let you all know that there is a new axe page with many more patterns. Like stated before, this is just a small small sample of the patterns we make. http://imakeswords.com/axes.htm
  13. Another French Hanger

    Now for sale. Details here : http://pyracy.com/index.php?showtopic=18422
  14. Hanger / Hunt Sword - For Sale

    My personal sword that I made myself for Key West is now for sale. It has a brown leather scabbard that is made to fit in a baldric and I would be happy to make a drag(metal tip) for it if the buyer wished. I am asking $600 for the sword and $675 with the scabbard. $715 with metal tip on the scabbard. This is a huge savings. The sword alone would retial at $675 and the scabbard, as is, would be $112.00. The tip regularly adds $60 to the scabbard price. The sword is the first of this design and features many custom options. I also would throw in a free engraving on the blade. A name or logo/crew flag. Here is a link to the thread with all the details. http://pyracy.com/index.php?showtopic=18395 It is set up as a blunt now but I would through in a sharpening if the buyer wishes. Thanks for looking!