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  1. Sail to Tent

    Just for reference purposes, the links should probably work if you remove the "/forums" from the URL. Good luck with the tent, mate, and let's see some pictures along the way!
  2. Man vs Wild

    One of my favorite things is when he's eating grubs or maggots or generally icky food and remarks on how he would rather starve than eat that, how terrible it tastes, etc. Bear Grylls just talks about how "it's an excellent source of protein!"
  3. Man vs Wild

    Yep, pretty neat show. I read something about how he doesn't actually do all the stuff himself -- his crew helps him, and stuff like that -- but it's still cool. "SurvivorMan" with Les Stroud is great, too.
  4. Background Scenario

    Aw man, this makes me want to go even more! Well, there's always next year. This makes me wonder, how much of PiP is "in character?" Like outside of the big scenarios, is there a lot of just down-time roleplaying (and I don't mean pulling out some old D&D books)?
  5. Ojai Fest on Carson Daly

    Waiiiiit.... you mean to tell me it's pronounced "O-hi?" Leave it to the Spaniards to make their J's sound like H's!
  6. Secret Santa....

    Yep, got mine, too. Now to start the gift-making...and then packaging and stamping...
  7. Secret Santa....

    Do we find out today? Or maybe tomorrow? I'm so anxious!
  8. Your Garb

    Anyone else see a resembelance between Kennth and Ed Foxe? Just sayin'. William, that picture makes me realize what a chameleon his gun is.
  9. What are you reading right now ?

    Right now I'm reading Chronicles by Bob Dylan (his autobiography of sorts) and Siddhartha by Herman Hesse. I need some pyrate literature...hmm...
  10. Random Photos

    Bo, you've got a handsome young lad there. What other periods does he (and you, for that matter) reenact?
  11. The Axe man Cometh

    That looks pretty do-able, but might take some time... I wish you the best of luck! That being said, I'd like to try this too, being that I have access to those tools AND a plasma cutter. Where'd you get the Fireman's axe?
  12. And you think you can drink!

    I say that we recreate this event at PiP...for historical accuracy... yes, that's it... history...
  13. What would you do?

    My father is a carpenter, so probably I'd be that... I could also picture being a normal seaman (clearly), a merchant, or just a commoner working odd jobs and whatnot.
  14. What does your user name mean?

    Jacob Abrams is my period persona...but how did I come up with it, you ask? Well, my actual name is Jacob Ehrlich (with the middle name Broderick.) My granfather's name was Abraham Broderick Cohen, and I decided to go with Abraham as my persona's last name. I decided Abrams had a more piratey name to it... Bo, that makes sense, because I was hoping that your name didn't mean the "What the F*CK!" company!
  15. Your Garb

    Aye, but now I got an image of Zeus with a cocked hat, flintlock, and Jolly Roger eyepatch!